JDC Entwine London Regional Manager

Title: JDC Entwine London Regional Manager

Department: JDC Entwine Reports to: Director, Networks & Engagement Status: Part-Time Regular Location: Based at JHUB London


  1. To inspire and empower young adults to learn about and take action on behalf on global Jewish issues;
  2. To be the main ‘link’ between JDC and UK young Jewish adults, cultivating and maintaining meaningful and long-lasting relationships;
  3. To create and facilitate ‘360’ experiences for young adults, engaging them through one to one relationships, leading Learning Network programs, participating in service trips, etc.;
  4. To promote Entwine global service opportunities and recruit UK young Jewish professionals to participate, and support follow-up efforts after those experiences;
  5. To develop innovative programming and content for the UK Learning Network that support trip alumni follow up and introduce young Jewish adults to international Jewish and humanitarian needs;
  6. To cultivate local young lay leadership in Learning Networks assisting them to create and execute strategic plans, while also developing peer educators.


  • Be the UK representative for JDC Entwine, based at Jhub.
  • Develop and implement a UK-centric recruitment strategy for JDC Entwine service trips around the world.
  • Manage the Entwine Learning Network in London, supporting the development of educational events for young Jewish professionals.
  • Develop and continue to grow a lay Planning Group of UK young Jewish leaders to spearhead local educational events and programming on global Jewish issues.
  • Build greater awareness of JDC and overseas Jewish and humanitarian needs through the development of unique, meaningful, and timely educational opportunities and events.
  • Cultivate and nurture relationships through one-on-one follow-through and correspondence with Entwine alumni.
  • Develop and grow strong partnerships with key JDC UK-based partner organizations.
  • Develop innovative and audience-appropriate materials and outreach tools for educational events with support from JDC’s Marketing Department, external consultants and freelancers.
  • Implement strategies for expanding JDC overseas experiences, enhancing current program models and creating new and innovative opportunities.
  • Connect alumni of JDC Entwine’s overseas service and other programs with Learning Networks and other local opportunities.
  • Work in close coordination with Entwine Program teams to ensure seamless integration of program alumni into the Entwine continuum of opportunities and develop new ways to engage alumni.
  • Work together with the Entwine Network team to implement tracking of event participation and local lay leadership development, and assist as needed with grant reporting.

Other responsibilities:

  • Be a JDC Entwine expert by 1) maintaining a high-level understanding of the department’s goals and programming and 2) communicating the work of Entwine.
  • Be an expert on innovative and meaningful outreach to UK Jewish young adults.
  • Maintain an excellent knowledge of JDC’s overseas programs.
  • As needed, staff young professional overseas/service experiences.
  • Represent JDC Entwine in Jewish young adult forums in the UK.


  1. Completed University degree.
  2. At least two years of professional experience in community organization, event planning, programming or other relevant field. Prior international work experience would be a definite asset.
  3. 3. Knowledge of international and Jewish affairs, culture, traditions and history a plus.
  4. Effective oral and written communication skills.
  5. Ability to work independently.
  6. Ability to inspire and motivate young Jews to become activists and leaders.
  7. Ability to clearly and passionately convey JDC’s work worldwide and to elucidate the importance of global Jewish service and leadership.
  8. Excellent organizational skills, with ability to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines.
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills, with ability to work well with colleagues as well as lay leaders and professionals.
  10. Excellent project management skills including great attention to detail.

All referrals and inquiries are to be directed to Robin Salsberg, Human Resources, robin.salsberg@jdcny.org


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