JDC Photography Mission: Morocco  March 7-14, 2018

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the largest Jewish humanitarian organization in the world, invites you on a boutique photography expedition to Morocco. Join award-winning Israeli documentary photographer and master teacher, Eli Atias; JDC chair Holli Rafkin-Sax and staff expert Will Recant; and professional and serious amateur photographers to witness some of the most stunning places in the world and hear incredible stories of the Jews of Morocco.

Our expedition will include a day in the Atlas Mountains, visits to a Berber Village, Jewish schools and ancient synagogues; a chance to experience mesmerizing Moroccan art and sumptuous food; and most importantly, the opportunity to hear and interact with the people – young and old – who have built and sustained this beautiful country and its unique Jewish life.

The Jewish community of Morocco traces itself back to the destruction of the Second Temple and the expulsion from Spain in 1492. Rich with history and Sephardic tradition, Jewish life in Morocco is still dynamic today, with some 3,000 Jews living in Casablanca and smaller communities sprinkled throughout the country’s periphery. The small, ancient Jewish minority has lived in peace in Morocco, and presents a hopeful and little-known story of coexistence with Muslim neighbors.

JDC Ambassadors missions offer insider access to people and communities with whom JDC has worked over the last 100 years and the chance to give back through philanthropy and service. Our photography missions offer an added, intensive and hands-on opportunity to train your eye and camera to capture these stories and to help us to share them further.

Limited spots available– register now!

If you are interested in joining a non-photography track, please email Ruth Penan at ruth.penan@JDC.org.

Trip Details:

Dates: March 7-14, 2018
Costs: $5,000 per person, double room | $5,350 per person, single room

Payment should be submitted upon registration in order to secure your spot on the mission here .

Costs cover ground transportation, unique visits, hotels, meals, photography teacher, guides and processing fees; they do not include cost of transatlantic flights. Costs represent real estimated expenses to JDC.

Participation requires a meaningful gift of at least $7,500 per person (or $5,000 for anyone who has made a minimum unrestricted gift of $10,000 in 2017 and is a current JDC Ambassador) for critical programming in Morocco or unrestricted humanitarian aid around the world.

*All trips are subject to change.

**Priority for JDC Ambassadors trips are given to members of our major donor groups – learn more at  JDC.org/ambassadors.

Eli Atias is one of the top Israeli photographers, specializing in editorial magazine photography and photojournalism. Born to a Jewish Moroccan family, Eli lends personal insight and perspective into the lives of Moroccan Jews today.  He is also the professional guide and the curator of the Jdocu photography group. Eli works as a photographer with Israeli magazines and newspapers, among them the daily newspaper Yediot, and the geographical magazine Massa Acher. He lectures and gives photography workshops around the world, including Camera Obscura College of Photography in New York and WIZO Academy of Design and Education in Haifa.

For more information on our upcoming trips and events, email us at ambassadors@JDC.org or  call us at 212-885-0878.