Doing Good

Doing Good Jewish Rescue, Relief, and Renewal Around the World

GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM • Atlanta, Georgia • April 11, 2013
The Selig Center 1440 Spring Street, NW

A partnership of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
With JFNA Network of Independent Communities

Join us for part or all of the day’s programs

  • 11:00 am -
    2:00 pm
  • 2:30 pm -
    5:30 pm
  • 5:30 pm -
    7:15 pm
  • Local Issues, Global Impact (a luncheon program)
    JDC’s cutting edge work with women, children and people with disabilities around the world
  • International Hot Spots
    A closer look at pressing needs in Israel, Asia, Latin America and the former Soviet Union
  • Responsibility and Opportunity, Today and for the Future
    (a dinner program)

    Our role in making a difference now and for our children

Cost is $36 per person.
Thank you for your interest in the Doing Good Symposium on April 11 at the Selig Center in Atlanta.

Registration is now officially closed. Please contact Rebecca Neuwirth at or at 917-238-3664 for more information.

  • Symposium Chairs
  • David Horwitz
  • Kellee Rosenberg
  • Honorary Chairs
  • Eliot Arnovitz
  • Zachary Fasman
  • Cheryl Fishbein & Philip Schatten
  • Kathy E. Manning
  • Steve Selig
  • Etta Gross Zimmerman
  • Symposium Vice-Chairs
  • Vicki Benjamin
  • Carol Cooper
  • Ilene Engel
  • Noah Gardenswartz
  • Michele Hirsch
  • Michelle & Garry Simon
  • *List to be updated
  • Host Committee
  • Marcy Bass
  • Julie Blase
  • Jay & Sandy Coffsky
  • Lois Frank
  • Vanessa Frank
  • Keith Greenwald
  • Walter Jospin
  • Alan & Zhenia Kaplan
  • Lois Kuniansky
  • Phyllis Lazarus
  • Carla Stern& Greg Malever
  • Peggy Roth
  • Jane Schiff
  • Karrine & Jason Stern
  • Margie& George Stern

Part 1: Local Issues, Global Impact

11:00 am-2:00 pm
Program and lunch

Questions that we grapple with right here at home reverberate around the world in JDC’s work to reduce poverty among Jewish communities and beyond. We’ll focus on how to empower women and girls as key change-makers in their communities, and how to create conditions that allow disabled people to become contributing members of their families and communities.

And finally, we’ll bring the issues home in a discussion of the ethical dilemmas involved in allocating desperately needed, finite resources and care around the world.

Part 2: International Hot Spots

2:30 pm-5:30 pm

JDC works in over 70 countries, helping Jewish communities and individuals and sharing Israeli and Jewish know-how in global crisis situations.

We’ll investigate the substantial but often overlooked challenges facing Israel internally and how American Jews are helping to innovate solutions to build a stronger, more cohesive State. In a conversation with Atlanta natives George Stern and Michelle Simon, we’ll consider the history of Jews China — and how one family intersected meaningfully with JDC’s work there in the past and today. And we’ll look at current hot spots in the former Soviet Union, including Atlanta’s partner city, Minsk, and the rapidly changing dynamics of key countries in Latin America.

Part 3: Responsibility and Opportunity — Today and Tomorrow?

5:30 pm-7:15 pm

What is our responsibility as we look toward the future — for Jews and for others in need? How can we build our passion for this work, insuring that we provide the best humanitarian care and embody the highest Jewish values? We’ll talk with a comedian who is a leader in JDC's 20s-30s service programs, and we'll hear from three generations of the Simon/Stern family about how they connect to their own story of rescue from Shanghai. Finally, we’ll talk about opportunities for learning, travel and action that could change your life.


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