JDC Ambassadors Global Symposium, December 3

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The Jewish Future: New Strategies for Sustaining and Inspiring Jewish Life

JDC Ambassadors Global Symposium
December 3, 2012 - New York City
Westin New York, 212 East 42nd Street between Second and Third Avenues

JDC has worked for almost 100 years to support Jewish life around the world. But even as we help individuals and communities deal with crisis and handle extreme poverty on a day-to-day basis, our middle and long-term aims are to ensure robust and inspired Jewish communities that have the know-how and will to care for one another.

The December 3 Symposium will bring inspired thinkers and speakers from all over the world for a unique day of learning and visioning about the Jewish future. But we know we don’t have all the answers, and we are actively seeking an action-oriented dialogue with people like you, who care. Please join us.

Guest Speakers:
Peter J. Rubinstein, Senior Rabbi of New York's Central Synagogue,
introduced by Andrew H. Tisch
Anne Heyman, Founder & Board Chair, Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Rwanda
Jack Habib, Director, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute

and JDC’s own
Will Recant, Assistant Executive Vice President
Amir Shaviv, Assistant Executive Vice President for Operations
Judy Amit, Global Director of JDC’s International Development Program
Sarah Eisenman, Founding Director, JDC Entwine

and more…



Doors open and breakfast served
Open marketplace on JDC work with regional staff

Jayne Lipman and Zach Fasman, co–chairs, JDC Ambassadors
Members, JDC Board

Our work, our day – Rebecca Neuwirth, director, Ambassadors


What is our Global Jewish Responsibility?
Introduction Andrew H. Tisch, JDC Board
Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein, Senior Rabbi, Central Synagogue, NY


Hot Issues Panel
Introduction – Betsy Sheerr, JDC Board

Building Bridges: Can we share Jewish and Israeli models of care with others around the world?
Presenter: Anne Heyman, Founder & Board Chair – Agahozo–Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda – on building on Israeli knowledge to help orphans in Rwanda

Judy Amit, Global Director of JDC’s international development program, on providing a Jewish and Israeli face to disaster response and development work

Jack Habib, Director, Myers–JDC–Brookdale, on working with multilateral international frameworks to effect broad impact

Moderator: Sam Amiel, Senior Program Manager, JDC


Lunch served


Emergency Response: Israel in crisis
Introduction – Sandy Lenger, JDC Board 2013
Live Hook – Up with Israel, Avital Sandler–Loeff
William Recant, Assistant Executive Vice President, JDC

Seeing the World through JDC’s Lens: Ambassadors travel in 2013
Israel – Ben Gordon, JDC Board 2013, and Jonathan Chane
Turkey/Kazakhstan – JDC’s Dov Ben-Shimon

Bringing it Together – Mark Sisisky, JDC Board

1:00 pm

JDC Think Tank introduction
Introduction – Cheryl Fishbein, JDC Ambassadors

JDC Ambassadors introduce Think Tank – an opportunity for lay leaders to get an inside look into JDC’s work, “roll their sleeves up,” and engage actively with finding solutions. We’d like to see Think Tank as a new step in substantive lay engagement with JDC. Our new Impact Network initiative allows interested lay leaders the chance to make a longer term commitment to helping JDC find solutions around the world.

1:15 pm

JDC Think Tank (breakouts)
  • Reviving Meaningful Jewish Life in St. Petersburg. JDC’s Asher Ostrin and Liz Fine leading open discussion with Barry Kahan chairing
  • Building an Ethic of Jewish Responsibility for Jewish Young Adults. JDC’s Sarah Eisenman leading open discussion with Judah Kraushaar chairing
  • Community Building – Israel's Habitat for Humanity. JDC’s Danny Pins leading open discussion with Zach Fasman chairing
  • Sustaining and Strengthening Small Jewish Communities: India as case study. JDC’s Elijah Jacob leading open discussion with Charles Ribakoff chairing
  • 2:00 pm

    Concluding Think Tank session
    Judah Kraushaar, JDC Board 2013

    2:15 pm

    Hot Issues Panel – OFF THE RECORD
    Introduction - Etta Gross Zimmerman, JDC Board

    Jews in Muslim countries: dangers and opportunities
    Presenter: Robert Silverman, U.S. State Department
    Responder: Amir Shaviv, Assistant Executive Vice President for Special  Operations

    2:45 pm

    The Role of Ambassadors at JDC – Charles Ribakoff, Chair, RD Committee, JDC Board
    Recognitions and thanks — Barry Kahan, JDC Ambassadors

    3:00 pm


    For more information on JDC Ambassadors, go to jdc.org/ambassadors or contact Rebecca Neuwirth, Director, at rebeccan@jdcny.org or (212) 885-0878

    JDC Ambassadors programs provide insight into the state of Jewish communities around the world — and what we can do about it. Programs are open to JDC Ambassadors, members of our Ambassador Circle and Society, and select guests.


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