Ambassadors’ programs and symposia offer first-hand insight into some of the most innovative solutions to global poverty and disaster relief today. International trips give a highly personal perspective on daily life for Jews and others in more than 70 countries in which JDC operates. There is no better way to understand a country than to be invited into the homes of local people, and no more meaningful way to demonstrate the value of global Jewish community than to interact with changemakers who are building and sustaining it around the world.

Discover the world of opportunities Ambassadors provides. Explore first-person accounts of our events, trips, and more.

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  • 26 May 2017

    JDC Archives Featured in Just-Opened “1917” Exhibit

    JDC Archives Featured in Just-Opened “1917” Exhibit NOW – December 29, 2017 The JDC Archives is honored to have 15…
  • 27 May 2017

    Poland, with optional extension to Lithuania

    Visit Krakow & Warsaw with JDC Ambassadors and continue on to Lithuania
  • 08 Jun 2017

    Doing Good: A Vancouver Global Symposium & Gala Dinner

    Doing Good: Tikkun Olam in the 21st Century Two Major Events:  A JDC Symposium in partnership with the Jewish Federation…
  • 26 Jun 2017


    Travel to Budapest, Hungary with JDC Ambassadors
  • 10 Sep 2017


    Witness Jewish renewal in Jewish communities of Eastern Europe
  • 15 Oct 2017

    Bulgaria and Greece

    Explore little known coastal communities with JDC Ambassadors
  • 21 Mar 2018


    Travel to Havana, Cuba with JDC Ambassadors