Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship in International Jewish Service

“There is a single Jewish world: intertwined, interconnected”

—JDC honorary executive vice president Ralph I. Goldman

Are you the one?

The Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship is JDC’s premiere leadership opportunity, awarded to one person annually, for young Jewish thinkers and doers — writers, artists, policy shapers, business innovators, and community builders.

The fellowship is a paid, professional opportunity to live and work in several overseas locations where JDC is active, providing an inside look at JDC’s global operations though individualized assignments.

Each fellow works with JDC staff to identify and design their unique overseas placements, shaped by their skills, interests, and critical needs of communities overseas.

Qualifications include:

Email globalservice@jdcny.org to apply.

Applications are due by May 30, 2014. Email globalservice@jdcny.org with any questions.

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