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Chile Earthquake

Chile Earthquake Relief

On February 27, 2010, Chile was struck by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, which generated a tsunami and more than 100 aftershocks, causing extensive damage throughout the region. The Jewish Coalition for Chile Relief (JCCR), a Coalition of North American Jewish organizations, came together to collect funds to assist quake victims.

The JCCR supported the Jewish leadership of Chile, which formed the Community Committee for the National Emergency to coordinate relief activities for the Jewish community of Chile as well as outreach on a non-sectarian basis. The emergency relief efforts of the committee focused on immediate damage to the provincial health infrastructure. The Committee delivered five trucks carrying approximately 50 tons of goods, including medications, to the Cauquenes Hospital in the week following the quake. Additionally, the Jewish community delivered a modern, fully-equipped ambulance to the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Pelluhue for the Curanipe healthcare center. A week later, a medical team arrived in Curanipe, Pelluhue to establish a temporary health facility for the community.

Over 300 volunteers from the Jewish community traveled to visit the sick in the Hospitals of Cauquenes and Chanco. The volunteers organized recreational activities for the local community in Cauquenes, assisted in removing debris from the Cauquenes Hopital, and took part in reconstruction activities.

To support long-term recovery in the affected region, the Coalition provided a grant to Mercy Corps for a psychosocial support program for children, parents and caregivers of the Talcahuano coastal zone and of Eben Ezer and Cancha Baquedano resettlement camps, temporary residences for people left homeless by the quake. The program trained facilitators to conduct activities for children to forge social support networks, helping them deal with trauma and restore a sense of security and safety in the community.