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Kosovo Partners and Activities Members Final Report

Partners and Activities

The Jewish Coalition for Kosovo Relief and Assistance raised over $600,000 to assist Kosovars while they lived as refugees in neighboring countries, and again, upon their return home. The following partner organizations received Coalition support:

  • Assistance to the Israel Loves Children project in the Stenkovic Refugee Camp in Macedonia enabled Israeli volunteers to work with Kosovar refugee children.
  • A partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Drenica, Kosovo enabled two primary schools to re-open, and women's and children's centers to be established for provision of psycho-social support and training in income-generating activities.
  • Assistance to Mercy Corps International (MCI) helped to strengthen the Istok and Kline Municipal Health Houses in western Kosovo, adding maternal-child and preventative health care capabilities.
  • Additional support to MCI enhanced the capacities of seven rural schools in the Pec/Peja region of Kosovo, utilizing community participation and becoming a model for replication in additional areas.
  • Another partnership with MCI trained Roma ("gypsy") refugees living in Collective Centers in Montenegro to improve their personal and environmental hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • A partnership with Motrat Qiriazi, the Albanian-American Women's Association, and the Center for the Protection of Women and Children provided trauma relief for victims of rape and sexual abuse, and recreational and income-generating activities for women in Pristina, Kosovo and refugees residing in Albania.
  • Additional support to Motrat Qiriazi provided trauma relief and emergency aid to internally displaced people who had lost family members during the war.
  • Help to the Albanian Women's Journalist Forum and Motrat Qiriazi provided refugees living in Albania with financial, medical and social service information and training to help better their lives before and after repatriation.
  • The newly established Women's Center in Pristina, modeled on and assisted by representatives of the Women's Center in Tirana, Albania, offered trauma counseling, workshops on NGO development and the role of women in civil society, and vocational training.