Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief
Turkey 1999 Partners and Activities Members Final Report

Partners and Activities

This Coalition's 45 members from the U.S., Great Britain and South Africa raised just over $100,000 to help address the immediate and longer-term needs of the earthquake's victims. Assistance was provided to partner organizations to conduct the following activities:
  • The "Hygiene Outreach Project," a partnership with Mercy Corps International and the Turkish Family Health and Family Planning Foundation, assisted families who resided in tents and temporary shelters in Duzce to gain the information and supplies required for hygienic living. A public health technician and a cadre of women were trained to provide sanitation/health information and hygienic kits in a district selected at the request of the Ministry of Health. A total of 1,200 women participated each month for a period of six months.
  • A partnership with the Foundation for the Support of Women's Work expanded access to primary health care and psychological services through the training of new community outreach workers. Based in FSWW's eight Children's Houses/Community Centers in the provinces of Kocaeli and Adapazari, these workers and other center staff provided trauma counseling, primary health services and training to earthquake victims.
  • In partnership with Mercy Corps International and the local Social Services Children's Protection Association, Coalition funding was used to purchase a wheelchair-accessible mini-bus to transport children and young adults with physical disabilities to a rehabilitation center in Istanbul. The project served approximately 45 wheelchair-bound or disabled youth six days each week. All of the beneficiaries were registered with the center and received low-cost or free treatment, physical and/or occupational therapy, and took part in recreational activities.
  • Financial assistance expanded the range of activities offered in a summer camp that was established for 1,200 earthquake victims at the Israeli Village in Adapazari. The camp was part of the larger "Psychological Intervention Program" for trauma relief. Coalition contributions provided arts and crafts supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment and a video camera.