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Total Funds Raised: $502,035.50

Some 6.8 million people in Syria are in need of aid and over 1.6 million people have fled to the nearest countries due to the devastating effects of Syria’s civil war. In Jordan alone, nearly 500,000 refugees have crossed the border seeking safety and that number could double by the end of 2013. Fifteen JCDR member organizations have come together to form the Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees in Jordan in order to educate and inform its membership about this humanitarian crisis.

Thus far, the Coalition has awarded grants to:

  • Jordanian Red Crescent (JRC) to fund a training of 20 JRC volunteers to carry out a first aid training for 2,000 Syrian refugees and members of the Syrian refugee committee, as well as distribute hygiene kits to participants in the training.
  • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) to send one of its staff members to Jordan for six months to provide resettlement processing and referral assistance for refugee children with medical problems.
  • World Jewish Relief (WJR) to partner with Save the Children to provide quality, nutritious food for 500 refugee children in Za’atari refugee camp for one month. Additionally, WJR will provide materials and staff for the construction and operation of two child-friendly spaces for over 320 children with funding from the Coalition.
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC) to train medical service providers and government hospitals to work with female Syrian refugees.
  • Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) to carry out workshops for Syrian/Jordanian volunteers and professionals.
  • Brit Olam — Natan to implement a psycho-social program for Syrian refugees in Jordan.
  • Ziv Medical Center for medical equipment and medical care for patients who are Syrian casualties.
  • U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support health programs in Jordan.
  • Save the Children Canada for its multi-activity center program to develop mobile assets, sponsor life skills activities, and provide access to education for Syrian adolescents and youth.

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