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Total Funds Raised: 1.9 Million

Where We Work and What We Do


  • Supply refugees and relief workers with medical and other life-sustaining supplies
  • Provide legal assistance with regard to resettlement applications


  • Assist with resettlement processing and referrals for children who have experienced abuse, torture or mutilation
  • Provide services to families such as daycare, parenting support and educational services to children
  • Provide support medical care and support to female survivors of sexual assault
  • Strengthen the Syrian refugee community's ability to address routine health problems and support local health programs including those providing vaccines
  • Supply refugee camps with nutritious food
  • Provide educational and mentoring services at schools with large refugee populations
  • Support Multi-Activity Centers (MACS) which provide educational serves to adolescents in refugee camps


  • Provide hygiene kits and medical supplies to Syrian refugees in Lesvos
  • Support professionals and volunteers performing relief work by facilitating workshops and trainings on topics such as trauma, health, and psychosocial support
  • Provide medical services and humanitarian relief to refugees


  • Support individuals residing in refugee camps by providing mother-child services, Hungarian language instruction, social services, and educational services
  • Supply integration services to refugees residing in Hungarian cities
  • Provide counseling services to professional and volunteer relief workers


  • Supply children with school and winter supplies
  • Provide a mobile medical clinic
  • Help sustain a support center for women leaving in refugee camps


  • Facilitate a relief program to oversee the overall well-being of Syrian refugees’
  • Provide life-sustaining supplies to refugees during the winter months
  • Provide support and training to volunteers working with refugees


  • Assist with resettlement efforts


  • Raise awareness about the Syrian refugee crisis in Israel
  • Provided trainings in both Arabic and Hebrew to local volunteers who wish to become involved in relief efforts
  • Support The Ziv Medical Center, a general hospital in the north of Israel, that provides treatment to Syrian causalities

JCDR's work with refugees has also led to the founding of the MultiFaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, an interfaith movement dedicated to spreading awareness and advocating for the needs of Syrian refugee populations.

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