Passover is a Holiday Favorite at JDC’s Baby Help Center in Buenos Aires

At JDC’s Baby Help Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, toddlers and teachers have been hard at work preparing for Passover, learning about the holiday through music and play and crafting all sorts of items to use at their “Baby Pesaj” (Baby Passover) seder. This eagerly awaited holiday program is a hands-down favorite that brings kids, their extended families, and residents of the Buenos Aires Jewish community’s LeDor VaDor senior citizens’ home (which houses the Baby Help Center) together each year for a seder with all the trimmings.

Holiday celebrations are one part of JDC’s Baby Help program, which gives hundreds of struggling families the vital support they need—from formula, diapers, and baby equipment to fulltime daycare services—in the face of persistent unemployment and stubbornly high inflation. The program—and its Center in Buenos Aires—ensures a family’s financial challenges don’t alienate them from the Jewish community, but rather draw them in for Jewish engagement and connection.

This connection is strengthened by the innovative, intergenerational pairing of Baby Help and LeDor VaDor, which has fostered a mutually rewarding interaction between young and old. Children aged five and under share everyday activities as well as holiday programs with seniors happy to take on a “grandparenting” role.

At the Baby Pesaj seder, the little ones play holiday games, sing Passover songs, and proudly show off their many “art projects.” Meanwhile, the adults take part in reading the Haggadah and seniors share fond memories of past celebrations.

Here in this nurturing environment, young families can see beyond their financial struggles and enjoy Jewish holidays surrounded by community.

“We are so grateful for the assistance Baby Help provides,” said one young mother at last year’s Baby Pesaj. “But above all, we thank the Baby Help organizers for the joy we feel in having matzah on the table and being able to celebrate Passover once again.”



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