JDC FSU and Israel Departments Team Up to Promote Volunteerism

You might think JDC’s Former Soviet Union (FSU) department would have little in common with Ashalim, our partnership with the Government of Israel to address children and youth at risk.

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Building Connections Between Jewish Communities in the Former Soviet Union

Tags: Education

More than 150 Jewish professionals from across the former Soviet Union recently participated in JDC's sixth annual Jewish Educators' Conference, held at the Hesed Eliyahu social welfare center in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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Finding My Global Jewish Family in "Georgia (Europe)"

– Fernando Camisar

photo: Alex Weisler/JDC
Tags: Entwine

Georgia began for me as “Georgia (Europe),” and ended up being the names, the experiences, the aromas, the flavors, the friends, and the feelings.

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On Visit to the Field, Challenging Easy Assumptions

By: Alex Weisler

photo: photo credit: Alex Weisler
Tags: Families

Georgia was a rich and troubling multi-sensory experience that challenged easy narratives about what Jewish renewal looks like in the former Soviet Union.

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In Moving Memoir, Connection to JDC

By: Devorah Landau

Carol Jean Delmar has written and published Serenade, a moving memoir of her parents’ love story and journey from Vienna and Prague to Cuba and the United States as they fled the Nazis.

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Rediscovering Jewish Roots in Kazakhstan

By: Dov Ben-Shimon

In the far-off city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, learn how a family is reconnecting to its Jewish heritage.

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Moving Forward in the Former Soviet Union

By: Ofer Glanz

– Executive Director, JDC Former Soviet Union Programs

photo: Jay Nubile

On the 25th anniversary of the leadership mission that led to JDC's return to the Soviet Union after an absence of 50 years, JDC's Executive Director of Former Soviet Union Programs describes the challenges facing JDC in that region today.

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A Home Visit in Georgia Provides a Graphic Picture of Human Needs

By: Zhanna Veyts

Tags: Children

See how difficult life can be for the people behind the program statistics as JDC staffer Zhanna Veyts visits a struggling family in Tbilisi, Georgia, that JDC is helping to support.

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Georgia’s Economic Upswing Leaves the Vulnerable Behind

By: Zhanna Veyts

With all eyes on Georgia following its recent parliamentary elections, JDC staff member Zhanna Veyts puts the country’s economic upswing in perspective as she describes the hardships experienced by pensioners, single-income families living below the poverty line, and the country’s many unemployed older adults.

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JDC Expands Social Services for Kyrgyzstan Jews

In light of the heightened ethnic violence in southern Kyrgyzstan, JDC has expanded its welfare services, including providing extra food and medicine, to ensure that the region’s neediest Jews receive the care that they need under these unpredictable circumstances. We’re also continuing to monitor the safety of the local Jewish community clients every day.

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On the road with the JDC

Lee Livingston, President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County in New Jersey recently wrote an article about his experience on the JDC Ambassadors Circle Mission to Turkey and Uzbekistan on the Jewish Federation's blog.

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Shalom from Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

By: Dov Ben-Shimon

My colleague Diana Fiedotin and I are escorting an Ambassadors Circle mission to Turkey and Uzbekistan for a memorable and unique week-long experience.

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JDC Ambassadors Mission to Turkey and Uzbekistan

Explore the vibrant Jewish communities of Turkey and Uzbekistan, January 15-21, 2010.

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