JDC Helps Bring Israeli Eye Care Expertise to Kyrgyzstan

By: Sam Amiel

– Senior Program Manager

Recently JDC, together with the Israeli Foreign Ministry's MASHAV Foreign Assistance program, co-sponsored a medical humanitarian mission to Kyrgyzstan organized by Eye from Zion, a volunteer-based Israeli medical organization that provides surgery and training in ophthalmology to the developing world. Sam Amiel, a senior JDC staffer who accompanied this mission, captures the importance of Eye from Zion’s work in his field report.

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JDC Event to Feature Professor Dan Ben-David on Israel's Internal Challenges

Professor Dan Ben-David, along with JDC Israel Regional Specialist Kobi Tav, will give a talk on September 13th at 5pm called “The Start Up Nation’s Threat From Within; Finding Solutions.”

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Combatting Childhood Obesity and Promoting Healthful Nutrition in Israel

Nearly every day brings a story about the prevalence of childhood obesity, here in the States and in much of the developed world. Read how JDC is helping Israel combat this epidemic and promote healthful living habits, especially among children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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New Schools and Water Wells are Making Life Better in Gondar, Ethiopia

By: Manlio Dell’Ariccia

photo: Richard Lord

With children here about to head back to school, see how life has been changing for schoolchildren in Ethiopia’s Gondar region and for other villagers who are benefiting from JDC’s rural development projects.

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Campers With Disabilities Rejoice At Szarvas

All year long Henrik Z., 32, who has Down Syndrome and lives with his pensioner mother in Budapest, Hungary, looks forward to the most special week of his summer.

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Young Indian Jews Train as Social Entrepreneurs at Szarvas

The Summer Olympics in London may be over, but Team India is just getting started. Meet five young Jewish adults from India whom JDC is equipping to be social entrepreneurs to engage more of their peers in Jewish community life.

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Jews in Córdoba, Argentina Help the Needy Deal with Winter’s Cold

Tags: Baby Help

As winter weather prevails in much of the Southern Hemisphere, a blanket-making project supported by the local Jewish community in Córdoba, Argentina is helping to keep needy neighbors warm.

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Helping in Haiti

During my recent trip with JDC Interface, I met volunteers from all over the world who told me that they came to help in Haiti and never left, or that they couldn't wait to come back again.

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Jews in Morocco Donate Blood During Ramadan

photo: Chrystie Sherman

Jews in Morocco respond to a call for blood donors during the month of Ramadan, helping to ensure an adequate national blood supply at a time when their fasting Muslim neighbors cannot contribute.

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Promoting Women’s Health in the Balkans

The JDC-Komen Race for the Cure in Sarajevo has become a much-publicized and unifying event.

Proceeds from the upcoming JDC-Komen Race for the Cure in Sarajevo will provide free mammograms to underserved women and post-surgery health kits. Read how JDC Ambassadors will take part in the late September Race, and see how JDC’s Women’s Health Empowerment Program is turning the tables on breast cancer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Israeli Trauma Counseling Comforts Japanese Kids

Read about the latest visit to Japan by Israeli experts who, with JDC’s help, have brought their trauma counseling techniques to children and families displaced by the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.

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Hip Hop in Moldova as Next Gen’rs Create their Own Jewish Space

By: Flo Low

Even as half of Moldova’s Jews are suffering significant economic hardship, JDC staffer Flo Low’s three-part field account shows how JDC and its partners are aiding the community, and ensuring Jewish life can thrive in Kishinev and beyond.

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