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Poland: The 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

– Director, JDC Ambassadors

photo: Rebecca Neuwirth

Read JDC senior professional Rebecca Neuwirth’s thoughts on the events surrounding the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which took place in Warsaw, Poland last week.

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From the CEO: Nurturing Young Jewish Leaders in the Former Soviet Union

By: Alan H. Gill

– Chief Executive Officer

Read CEO Alan H. Gill’s thoughts on his recent encounter with visiting young Jewish leaders from St. Petersburg, Russia, and JDC’s role in helping to produce a new generation of communal leadership in the former Soviet Union.

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"Urban Pesaj" Fills Streets of Buenos Aires

photo: JDC/Heather Morgan

Thousands took to the streets of a trendy Buenos Aires neighborhood for "Pesaj Urbano" -- a favorite activity of JDC's YOK initiative, which engages people of all ages and backgrounds with Jewish culture outside traditional walls.

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Taking Adult Jewish Education to the Next Level in Romania

Tags: Education

Read how JDC gave 400 Romanian Jews an opportunity to deepen their Jewish knowledge last week at its Bereshit Jewish Community University in Cluj.

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Rediscovering Jewish Roots in Kazakhstan

By: Dov Ben-Shimon

In the far-off city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, learn how a family is reconnecting to its Jewish heritage.

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For Cuba’s Jews, Saying “I Do” Under a Chuppah

Every wedding is unique—but capturing dozens of Cuban Jews under a chuppah (wedding canopy) in Havana is a sight to see. Read how a Latin American rabbi, who's made some 115 visits to Cuba’s Jewish community on JDC's behalf, officiated at more than two dozen Jewish weddings, 21 of which were held on the same day.

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Soups On! JCC Cook-off Mixes Hot Soup and Warm Fellowship in Wintry Romania

Tags: Families

Read how JDC’s popular soup-making contest brought 350 people of all ages together at the Bucharest Jewish Community Center on a wintry Sunday in Romania.

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Tu B’Shvat in Mumbai: JDC Leads a Jewish Arbor Day Celebration with an Indian Twist

Read how JDC helped the Jewish community in Mumbai, India celebrate Tu B’Shvat—the Jewish Arbor Day—this week in its own very special way.

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Moving Forward in the Former Soviet Union

By: Ofer Glanz

– Executive Director, JDC Former Soviet Union Programs

photo: Jay Nubile

On the 25th anniversary of the leadership mission that led to JDC's return to the Soviet Union after an absence of 50 years, JDC's Executive Director of Former Soviet Union Programs describes the challenges facing JDC in that region today.

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Wedding Joy in Djerba, Tunisia

On the Tunisian island of Djerba, a traditional Jewish wedding recently had some 400 guests celebrating into the wee hours of the morning in their spacious new Jewish Community Hall.

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Berlin to Experience Famous NYC Family Shabbat Program

In Berlin, Germany this weekend, JDC is giving young Jewish children and their parents a chance to experience a unique and renowned family Shabbat program “imported” from New York’s 92nd Street Y.

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JDC’s Moscow Rep. is a Jewish Community Person of the Year

Getting a jump on the upcoming awards season, the Russian Jewish community federation last week named its own top-ranked “celebs” – and JDC Moscow Rep. Alik Nadan won a coveted Person of the Year spot.

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Chanukah Programs Brighten Jewish Connections in Poland and Romania

In Poland and Romania, JDC’s Chanukah activities mix traditional elements with innovative outreach efforts that are attracting people seeking new links to Jewish life.

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Bulgarian President Adds Pride to Community Chanukah Festivities

In a proud moment for the Jewish community, Bulgaria’s President kindled the first Chanukah light in Sofia’s historic synagogue, inaugurating a week of activities celebrating the Festival of Lights.

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Exploring Jewish Identity in Shanghai, China

By: Jeanine Buzali

Read how JDC is working in Shanghai, China to create new Jewish programming for ex-pat Jews looking for meaningful, pluralistic ways to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity.

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Creative Programs “Outside the Jewish Walls” are Magnets for Non-Affiliated Jews

Read JDC senior professional Diego Ornique’s cogent account of JDC’s “JCC without Walls” initiative and the exciting events in alternative venues that are attracting increasing numbers of non-affiliated Jews.

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Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine: A Personal Reflection

By: Zhanna Veyts

Returning to Ukraine 24 years after immigrating to the United States, JDC staff member Zhanna Veyts saw this year’s Rosh Hashanah celebration in Kiev through her father’s eyes—and her own.

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