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Polish Oscar-Winning Movie Sparks Interest in Jewish Issues

Last week, "Ida," a movie about a young woman training to be a nun who shockingly discovers her Jewish roots, won an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

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Proud History, Strong Connection: Reflecting on JDC and Japan

By: Dov Ben-Shimon

– Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships

photo: photo credit: JDC Archives

After the 2011 “Great East Japan Earthquake” and Tohoku tsunami hit, I spent a considerable amount of time working with our colleagues around the world to raise funds for JDC's amazing rescue operations.

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Remembering Stanley Abramovitch This Yom Kippur

This year Stanley Abramovitch, a longtime JDC employee who died last May at 93, will be on our mind.

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From the CEO: Responding to Challenges and Opportunities in Bulgaria and Hungary

By: Alan H. Gill

– Chief Executive Officer

Read CEO Alan Gill’s report on his recent visit with the Jewish communities in Sofia and Budapest, where JDC is helping to respond to changing conditions and escalating needs.

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Poland: The 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

– Director, JDC Ambassadors

photo: Rebecca Neuwirth

Read JDC senior professional Rebecca Neuwirth’s thoughts on the events surrounding the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which took place in Warsaw, Poland last week.

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Saving Memories; Preserving the Quality of Life

By: Flo Low

photo: Sarah Levin

Read how JDC’s Margery Kohrman Saving Memory program in the former Soviet Union is helping to improve the quality of life for Alzheimer’s disease sufferers while changing attitudes and social perceptions.

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Moving Forward in the Former Soviet Union

By: Ofer Glanz

– Executive Director, JDC Former Soviet Union Programs

photo: Jay Nubile

On the 25th anniversary of the leadership mission that led to JDC's return to the Soviet Union after an absence of 50 years, JDC's Executive Director of Former Soviet Union Programs describes the challenges facing JDC in that region today.

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JDC Remembers Kristallnacht

Today’s is a date not easily forgotten: November 9th, 1938 marked the beginning of Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass), the series of pogroms committed by Hitler’s stormtroopers and civilians alike against Jews in Nazi Germany and Austria. Jewish homes, stores, and synagogues were ransacked and destroyed, leaving streets filled with the glass that gives this event its name.

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In Belarus, the Face of Jewish Poverty

Here at JDC we often stress the fact that we endeavor to save lives every day, one person at a time.

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From Stanley Abramovitch: Yom Kippur in a DP Camp

As Yom Kippur descends upon us, Jewish communities around the world prepare for the traditional holiday customs: pre-sundown meal, synagogue services, fasting, breaking the fast…and of course, intense personal reflection. However, Day of Atonement rituals were not always so easily understood or embraced.

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Post-Holocaust History Made in Prague

Among the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis against Jews was the confiscation of property, including synagogues, Jewish schools, cemeteries, other land, art, jewelry, and anything else of value. Worse still, in some cases, proceeds from the sale of this property by the Nazis actually helped fund war-related activities that we know all too well took the lives of 6 million Jews and many others. After the Holocaust, these properties were nationalized by the communist governments that were in power for more than 40 years. Since that time, efforts have been made to achieve some small measure of justice by helping both individuals and communities get back this wrongly seized property (or more often, financial compensation in lieu of the property).

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JDC Fellows Commemorate Yom Hashoah

As communities the world over commemorate the Holocaust, JDC’s 21 Jewish Service Corps (JSC) fellows—currently serving in year-long volunteer positions in Belarus, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Israel, Rwanda, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine—connected in Jerusalem for a week-long seminar to share their overseas experiences. This morning, following a poignant period of silence outside JDC’s Jerusalem office, the fellows memorialized the 6 million murdered Jews by gathering on the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University to recite kaddish and participate in a peer-led discussion on JDC’s renewal work in communities with dark histories.

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From the Archives: Haiti Helped Holocaust Refugees

With the Haiti crisis continuing to dominate our thoughts, we’d like to highlight a little-known piece of JDC history that connects Haiti with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorated yesterday and each year on January 27.

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