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In Moscow, Powerful Play Bridges Generations

The experience was meaningful for both the teens and the elderly clients – an event to remember for vulnerable Jews who rarely get the chance to leave their homes.

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In Siberia, More Than 50 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Each year in Siberia, dozens of young people celebrate their bar and bat mitzvahs during a week-long JDC-supported family retreat.

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Creating the Next Generation of Czech Jewish Leaders

photo: Courtesy of Marian Ziss

JDC’s most recent Hadracha madrichim training – part of its global network of leadership development opportunities – was held October 10-13 in the Czech Republic and drew a record number of local young Jewish leaders.

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New Lehava Initiatives In St. Petersburg Spotlight Jewish Innovation

photo: Courtesy of Yulia Lidis

For the past nine months, more than 20 young adults from St. Petersburg used JDC’s Lehava young leadership program to develop leadership skills and learn important project management strategies to help implement important change in the Jewish community. On the night of June 20, they presented their community initiatives, the culmination of weekly meetings, seminars, and a study trip to the United States.

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From the CEO: Responding to Challenges and Opportunities in Bulgaria and Hungary

By: Alan H. Gill

– Chief Executive Officer

Read CEO Alan Gill’s report on his recent visit with the Jewish communities in Sofia and Budapest, where JDC is helping to respond to changing conditions and escalating needs.

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Poland: The 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

– Director, JDC Ambassadors

photo: Rebecca Neuwirth

Read JDC senior professional Rebecca Neuwirth’s thoughts on the events surrounding the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which took place in Warsaw, Poland last week.

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"Destination Shanghai" Creates a Jewish Buzz in China

By: Simon Caplan

JDC senior professional Simon Caplan captures the highlights and explains the long-range strategy behind “Destination Shanghai,” the four-day international Jewish learning and networking experience that generated much excitement this week in China’s main commercial metropolis.

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Rediscovering Jewish Roots in Kazakhstan

By: Dov Ben-Shimon

In the far-off city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, learn how a family is reconnecting to its Jewish heritage.

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Helping University Students Cope with Economic Difficulties in Argentina

By: by Zhanna Veyts

Read how JDC is helping young people in Argentina pursue their college and career dreams despite ongoing economic difficulties.

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Moving Forward in the Former Soviet Union

By: Ofer Glanz

– Executive Director, JDC Former Soviet Union Programs

photo: Jay Nubile

On the 25th anniversary of the leadership mission that led to JDC's return to the Soviet Union after an absence of 50 years, JDC's Executive Director of Former Soviet Union Programs describes the challenges facing JDC in that region today.

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In Israel’s Southern Border Region: JDC’s Work Continues

Read how one JDC staff member in Israel is helping people in the southern border region cope with the ongoing effects of last month’s crisis, even as she deals with the lingering impact on her own family.

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Volunteers for Good in St. Petersburg

Read how young Jewish leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia promoted opportunities for volunteerism and social engagement by organizing a well-attended Volunteers Fair.

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India's Jewish “Now Generation"

By: Sam Amiel

Read how Sam Amiel’s recent visit to the Jewish community in India brought him face-to-face with a promising new generation of young Jewish leaders.

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Young Jewish Adults in India Have a New JDC Champion

Learn how a snake show and a water buffalo ride are helping Salome Abraham to expand JDC’s outreach to young Jewish adults in India—an age group vital to the future of this small but active Jewish community.

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Young Indian Jews Train as Social Entrepreneurs at Szarvas

The Summer Olympics in London may be over, but Team India is just getting started. Meet five young Jewish adults from India whom JDC is equipping to be social entrepreneurs to engage more of their peers in Jewish community life.

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Hip Hop in Moldova as Next Gen’rs Create their Own Jewish Space

By: Flo Low

Even as half of Moldova’s Jews are suffering significant economic hardship, JDC staffer Flo Low’s three-part field account shows how JDC and its partners are aiding the community, and ensuring Jewish life can thrive in Kishinev and beyond.

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Building a Jewish Home in Moldova

By: Flo Low

Even as half of Moldova’s Jews are suffering significant economic hardship, JDC staffer Flo Low’s three-part field account shows how JDC and its partners are aiding the community, and ensuring Jewish life can thrive in Kishinev and beyond.

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Teen Seder in Tallinn, Estonia

It may be Next Year in Jerusalem but this year, a not-to-miss seder graced Tallinn, Estonia. Esther Burson, the JDC Jewish Service Corps Fellow serving that community, brought together local teen volunteers and her JSC Fellow peers from Argentina and Israel for a unique yet traditional Pesach celebration.

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