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Critical Crisis Care Continues

For Irina, a homecare worker at JDC’s Hesed social welfare center in Kiev, the crisis in Ukraine wasn’t going to stop her from taking care of her clients – even if merely doing her job put her in the snipers’ crosshairs.

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Photo Blog: One Day in Kiev

Seen here in photographs taken by JDC's team in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital has been transformed into a landscape resembling a war zone, with charred buildings lining its wide boulevards and fortified encampments filling the city's Independence Square.

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JDC Delivers Aid to Homebound Kiev Jews

As unrest continues to roil Ukraine, JDC’s stepped-up relief efforts include delivering food and other urgent necessities to Jews near in downtown Kiev where dozens have been killed in clashes between protesters and security forces in recent days.

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From the CEO: A Life Inspired: Remembering Anne Heyman

By: Alan H. Gill

– Chief Executive Officer

CEO Alan Gill reflects on the inspirational life of Anne Heyman z"l and the impact she made on countless lives worldwide.

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Twenty Years of SEFER

photo: photo credit: Nikolay Busygin
Tags: Education

SEFER – the international conference on Judaic studies – celebrated its 21st year this week, a testament to the staying power and importance of one of JDC’s first projects upon its return to Russia 20 years ago.

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Two Generations of JDC Leaders Visit Cuba

photo: Photo credit: Matt Borowick

JDC Board member Debby Miller and her daughter Stacy Gorelick, a new member of JDC Ambassadors Circle, had the opportunity to get to know some of the 1,500 members of Cuba’s Jewish community.

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From the CEO: In Jewish Europe, the Present Mirrors JDC's Past

By: Alan H. Gill

– Chief Executive Officer

CEO Alan Gill shares his JNS oped on how JDC's economic recovery work in European Jewish communities today reflects 100 years of impact on Jewish life.

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Marc Chagall & JDC

photo: photo credit: Matt Borowick

Read remarks shared at a JDC event around the Marc Chagall exhibit at The Jewish Museum. The event was a cooperation between the JDC Board, JDC Archives, Ambassadors, and Entwine.

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Caring for the Vulnerable Elderly in Odessa

Tags: Elderly

Through seven visits to elderly and children at-risk, the group saw the support the local Hesed and Beitenu day centers gives the city’s most vulnerable Jews.

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Dateline: Snapshots from the Philippines

By: Adam Steinberg

Adam Steinberg, a medical doctor who is JDC’s Ralph I. Goldman Fellow and a member of JDC’s emergency response team in the Philippines, shares his observations from the ground.

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Ambassadors Profile: Making an Impact in Jewish Renewal

By: Devorah Landau

Paul Rosen has a long history in Jewish philanthropy, beginning with leadership positions with the Federation in Toronto, Canada and Broward County, Florida and later serving as National Co-Chair of JFNA’s National Young Leadership Cabinet. He currently lives with his wife in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Philippines Typhoon Relief FAQ

Learn the answers to some of the questions donors to our relief efforts in the Philippines ask most frequently.

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JDC Symposium: Where Survival Meets Responsibility

photo: Nancy Borowick

Take an in-depth look at JDC Ambassadors' Oct. 15 Symposium in New York.

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Creating the Next Generation of Czech Jewish Leaders

photo: Courtesy of Marian Ziss

JDC’s most recent Hadracha madrichim training – part of its global network of leadership development opportunities – was held October 10-13 in the Czech Republic and drew a record number of local young Jewish leaders.

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At Seaside Seminar, Connecting Latvian Jews

photo: Courtesy of Martin Levi

More than 90 people – young Jews and their children from all over Latvia – traveled to the seaside on the Gulf of Riga Oct. 11-13 for a JDC-supported family weekend.

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Szarvas – Through Our Children's Eyes

photo: Courtesy of Laura Spitzer

Witnessing the inspiring enthusiasm that Szarvas campers feel toward their Jewish identities made seeing our kids frankly just a bonus.

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JDC Supporters Join Together To Create Impact Network

photo: Courtesy of Jon Deaner

Together, Jon and Doron founded the first donor group under JDC Ambassadors. At a membership level of $2,500, the Impact Network model provides access to JDC Ambassadors events and engagement.

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Remembering Stanley Abramovitch This Yom Kippur

This year Stanley Abramovitch, a longtime JDC employee who died last May at 93, will be on our mind.

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When Rwanda Met Estonia: Launching a New Year of Global Jewish Service

photo: photo credit: Gil Shefler
Tags: Entwine

When high schooler Danielle Falk picked up a copy of "We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families," a book about the Rwandan genocide, it changed her life forever. Now 25, the native New Yorker is preparing to spend a whole year in Rwanda at the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village as part of JDC's Global Jewish Service Corps (JSC).

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