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Inaugural Moscow Jewish Children's Book Festival Draws Enthusiastic Crowd

Tags: Children

Thirteen of the best Moscow publishing houses came together late last month to celebrate International Children's Day with a children's book festival.

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Belarus: Beyond Black and White

The story of Belarus blends a rich Jewish history, tragedy, and revival. Join us on the upcoming Ambassadors Mission to Belarus and Lithuania from June 19-26.

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Keeping Passover Spirit Alive in Ukraine

Learn how JDC is coordinating Seders and community Passover events throughout Ukraine in the face of a humanitarian crisis that has displaced thousands of Jews.

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Q&A: Masha Shumatskaya

When the daily shelling began to be too much to bear last June, 23-year-old Masha Shumatskaya packed up her belongings and left her hometown of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine for the safety of Kharkov.

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Hope Amid Struggle in Georgia

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

– Director of Strategic Engagement & Senior Development Officer

What first struck me in Georgia was the incredible mixture of folklore and modernity, side-by-side. It was evident in the architecture, predominantly old structures – Orthodox churches, and stone buildings – nestled into the mountainous landscape. But at odd intervals in Tbilisi, the capital city, I’d come across a super-modern building – all glass and impossible shapes, rivaling the latest sensation in Bilbao or New York.

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In Battle-Scarred Ukraine, Purim An Incongruous Sight

This Purim JDC staff and community members in and near the war zone in the east of the country will celebrate the holiday despite the hardships visited upon them recently by the conflict.

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Dispatch: On the Ground in Eastern Ukraine

Read reflections from JDC's Vice President Jacky Schimmel, just back from a field visit to war-torn eastern Ukraine.

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In Donetsk Under Fire, Caring For Those Who Remain

Since violence erupted in Ukraine last year, many caretakers and volunteers working for JDC's Hesed social welfare center network have risked their lives treating thousands of homebound and frail elderly around Ukraine.

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In Eastern Ukraine, Fostering Hope

As Ukraine’s crisis continues, marked this past weekend by dozens of deaths in the Black Sea coast city of Mariupol, JDC doubled down on its efforts to care for the most vulnerable Jews still living in the conflict-laden eastern part of the country.

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Dispatch from Odessa: Winter is Coming

By: Gil Shefler

Every Chanukah for the past two decades, a giant menorah has lit up the central square of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, bringing a little festive cheer to Jewish and non-Jewish locals during the long winter nights.

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On the Ground in Ukraine

This week, I returned from Ukraine after a week-long trip visiting JDC’s programs, clients, and staff in both Odessa and Kiev -- the first time I was personally exposed to the crucial work JDC does in the former Soviet Union.

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From the CEO: Around the World, Snapshots of Jewish Hope

Here are four snapshots from my recent travels – from Israel to Russia to Poland to the Netherlands – which illustrate JDC at work.

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In Germany, Volunteering for Ukraine

Kharkov, Ukraine, is more than 1,100 miles from Berlin, but on November 16, the German Jewish community will celebrate the shared bonds of the global Jewish people.

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Donetsk Jews Celebrate Sukkot

Earlier this month, the Jews of besieged Donetsk -- the city in eastern Ukraine caught in the crossfires of much of the tension and violence plaguing the former Soviet republic -- celebrated a very special Sukkot.

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Moscow JCC Renamed After Ralph Goldman

Tags: Education

One of Moscow's largest Jewish community centers, the Nikitskaya, was renamed in honor of Ralph Goldman, one of the Jewish world's most accomplished leaders who died, at 100, in Jerusalem earlier this month.

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Faces of the Ukraine Crisis: Aza Grigorenko

This isn't the first time Aza Grigorenko, 88, has been a refugee. It's not the first time she's been forced to leave her home because of war.

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From the CEO: Under Fire In Ukraine, Heroism Abounds

By: Alan H. Gill


Alan H. Gill just returned from Ukraine where he met with some of the thousands of Jews displaced by the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

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In Siberia, More Than 50 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Each year in Siberia, dozens of young people celebrate their bar and bat mitzvahs during a week-long JDC-supported family retreat.

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On the Ground: Photos of Destruction in Slavyansk

photo: Rachel Calman/JDC

These photos show the damage sustained by homes in Slavyansk, Ukraine, after bombing and artillery fire.

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On the Ground: Photos from Ukraine Crisis

photo: (Rachel Calman/JDC)

These photos showcase JDC's bold action on the ground to confront the needs of a troubled Ukraine and ensure the well-being of its most vulnerable Jews.

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