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Stormy Global Jobs Outlook Underlines Importance of JDC Programs

photo: Ofir Ben Natan

With the International Labor Organization warning of new job losses ahead as economic recovery efforts stall, read how JDC programs are helping Jewish communities promote new job training opportunities where unemployment rates have been highest.

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Argentina Revisited, with Loving Care

By: by Zhanna Veyts

photo: Alejandro Cantor

Read how JDC programs like Baby Help in Argentina continue to aid at-risk, impoverished Jewish children whose families are unable to secure a firm economic footing in that nation’s troubled economy.

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ICP’s New Roman Vishniac Exhibit Features Treasures from the JDC Archives

Read how the International Center of Photography in NYC is showcasing the work of the late Roman Vishniac, presenting a more comprehensive view of this legendary photographer, best known for his haunting images of the “Vanished World” of Eastern European Jewry, many of which he created for JDC.

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Early Reading Programs Give Young Children a Head Start in Israel and the U.S.

photo: Debbi Cooper

Programs that encourage families at the lower end of the economic scale to read aloud to their young children are proving effective both in Israel and in New York, giving youngsters a head start as they enter primary school.

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Reflections on the 3rd Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake

By: by Judy Amit

– Global Director, JDC - International Development Program

photo: Lee Celano/Getty Images

On the 3rd anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the Global Director of JDC’s International Development Program examines the way we bring our professional expertise to bear to save lives and rebuild communities following natural and man-made disasters.

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Expanding Opportunities and Inclusiveness for Israelis with Disabilities

By: by Jay Ruderman

Read how the Ruderman Family Foundation is spearheading a dramatic expansion of efforts—matched by JDC and the Israeli government—to promote the inclusion of all Israeli adults with disabilities by providing new employment opportunities and services.

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Moving Forward in the Former Soviet Union

By: Ofer Glanz

– Executive Director, JDC Former Soviet Union Programs

photo: Jay Nubile

On the 25th anniversary of the leadership mission that led to JDC's return to the Soviet Union after an absence of 50 years, JDC's Executive Director of Former Soviet Union Programs describes the challenges facing JDC in that region today.

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Two Faiths Come Together in Japan

Read how JDC has been helping the Jewish Community of Japan develop a cross-cultural relationship with a Buddhist Temple in the area hit hardest by Japan’s March 2011 disaster.

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Wedding Joy in Djerba, Tunisia

On the Tunisian island of Djerba, a traditional Jewish wedding recently had some 400 guests celebrating into the wee hours of the morning in their spacious new Jewish Community Hall.

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Berlin to Experience Famous NYC Family Shabbat Program

In Berlin, Germany this weekend, JDC is giving young Jewish children and their parents a chance to experience a unique and renowned family Shabbat program “imported” from New York’s 92nd Street Y.

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JDC’s Moscow Rep. is a Jewish Community Person of the Year

Getting a jump on the upcoming awards season, the Russian Jewish community federation last week named its own top-ranked “celebs” – and JDC Moscow Rep. Alik Nadan won a coveted Person of the Year spot.

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Chanukah Programs Brighten Jewish Connections in Poland and Romania

In Poland and Romania, JDC’s Chanukah activities mix traditional elements with innovative outreach efforts that are attracting people seeking new links to Jewish life.

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Bulgarian President Adds Pride to Community Chanukah Festivities

In a proud moment for the Jewish community, Bulgaria’s President kindled the first Chanukah light in Sofia’s historic synagogue, inaugurating a week of activities celebrating the Festival of Lights.

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In Israel’s Southern Border Region: JDC’s Work Continues

Read how one JDC staff member in Israel is helping people in the southern border region cope with the ongoing effects of last month’s crisis, even as she deals with the lingering impact on her own family.

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Volunteers for Good in St. Petersburg

Read how young Jewish leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia promoted opportunities for volunteerism and social engagement by organizing a well-attended Volunteers Fair.

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What Is Our Global Jewish Responsibility?

Remarks by Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein, Senior Rabbi, Central Synagogue, delivered at the JDC Ambassadors Global Symposium on December 3, 2012.

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Exploring Jewish Identity in Shanghai, China

By: Jeanine Buzali

Read how JDC is working in Shanghai, China to create new Jewish programming for ex-pat Jews looking for meaningful, pluralistic ways to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity.

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JDC Ambassadors to Gain Inside View of JDC in Action

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

– Director, JDC Ambassadors

photo: Ofir Ben Natan

To get an inside view of JDC’s response to crisis in Israel and a global perspective on the development efforts it is pursuing in various corners of the world, register by Wed. Nov. 28th for the JDC Ambassadors Global Symposium, which will be held in NYC on Monday, Dec. 3.

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Roles Reversed, Once Again

By: Rina Edelstein

They say in times of crisis, there are moments that unburden those in the crisis and those who are caring for them. And somewhere between a ceasefire, a terrorist bombing in Tel Aviv, and unrelenting rockets attacks into Israel, in the home of an elderly woman in Ashkelon, that moment came for JDC staffer Rina Edelstein.

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