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Crisis in Israel: JDC Responds

As rockets continue to be fired on Israel from Gaza, JDC's emergency response system has been activated and is ensuring the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable Israelis impacted by the escalating crisis.

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Israel Crisis: Latest Update

As the crisis in Israel continues, with an unclear outcome to cease fire talks, JDC has been hard at work caring for the most vulnerable.

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From the President: Maidan and More

By: Penny Blumenstein

Today, we toured Maidan. The square is so much larger than I had imagined. Because it still is filled with tents and surrounded by tires and bricks torn from the pavement, it is easy to imagine it filled with people and police.

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From the President: A Day in Kiev

By: Penny Blumenstein

– JDC President

These were people who had not been at risk, who went to work and came home to their own homes every night. Now they are living with friends, relatives, or in temporary shelters with no resources.

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Tough Questions from Kids Toughing It Out

By: Michael Lawrence

How does one answer those questions that children ask when their worlds turn inside out? How, as a parent, do we answer honestly, responsibly -- trying all at once to calm our children, protect them from pain, refresh their sense of personal security, and educate them as committed, responsible Jewish and Zionist citizens of Israel?

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Dispatch from Israel: JSC Fellows

As tensions in Israel continue to escalate, we asked several of our JDC Entwine Jewish Service Corps volunteers to share observations based on their experiences on the ground.

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A Summer Oasis: Ukrainians at Szarvas

Dozens of children from Ukraine and Russia will attend the camp's 25th summer -- a welcome respite from the tension gripping their nations.

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One Family's Slavyansk Story

For the Endeberrya family, the recent escalation of violence in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk hit terrifyingly close to home.

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Responding to the Balkans' Devastating Floods

photo: photo credit: Itai E. Shamir

JDC's comprehensive crisis response included aid to the broader population through IDP partners, as well as assistance to the Jewish community.

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From the CEO: The Best-Kept Secret, No Longer

JDC CEO Alan H. Gill says that JDC is continuing its historic legacy of engaging with the public today through new and exciting JDC platforms that highlight the organization's role meeting Jewish and humanitarian needs.

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Ukraine's Jewish Refugees

As the escalating crisis in Ukraine forces vulnerable Jewish refugees to flee their homes and seek shelter in safer cities, JDC is there.

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Telling JDC's Story: Q&A with Merri Ukraincik

Meet Merri Ukraincik, the writer behind “I Live. Send Help.”, the sweeping new book chronicling JDC’s first 100 years of service.

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JDC and UNICEF: Partners in Philippines Typhoon Relief

photo: photo credit: Nancy Borowick

A JDC Ambassadors/JDC Entwine partnership, the event spotlighted the organizations' response to the recent Typhoon Haiyan.

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On the Ground as Tensions Turn Violent in Donetsk

photo: Gute for JDC

Post-election tensions flared into a raging battle between separatists and government forces at the international airport in Donetsk on Monday, representing the worst outbreak of violence in this eastern Ukraine city since the start of the Ukraine crisis. Through it all, JDC-supported Hesed workers have continued to care for the city’s most vulnerable Jews. View this latest gallery of photos from Donetsk, which show how Jewish life and the efforts of a caring community continue even in the midst of an ongoing crisis.

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In Argentina, a JDC Model of Local Empowerment

– Rebecca Neuwirth

For JDC, our work in Argentina is a case study and a story that should be more widely appreciated.

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Photo Essay: On the Ground in Donetsk

Discover the work JDC is doing to care for Donetsk's most vulnerable Jews with this extraordinary group of photos that powerfully illustrate Jewish community and Jewish life in the midst of crisis.

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As Crisis Escalates, Caring for Ukraine's Jews

With increasing unrest and violence in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, JDC has continued its critical work helping the country's most vulnerable Jews.

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Celebrating JDC's Centennial in Moscow

Tags: Education

JDC's century of service to the global Jewish people was celebrated at Limmud Moscow, an annual educational conference dating back to 2007 that is one of the many Jewish activities JDC supports in Russia.

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In Ukraine, Caring for our Caregivers

By: JDC CEO Alan H. Gill

JDC CEO Alan H. Gill says the Ukraine crisis requires special care for people on the ground, especially JDC staff and other caregivers going to extraordinary lengths to help those most in need.

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Ukraine Update: Bogdan's Story

photo: Bogdan Mayorov

Since birth, Bogdan has had special needs, suffering from epileptic attacks, frequent colds, and a speech impediment.

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