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JDC Sponsors Unprecedented FSU-Wide Limmud Conference

Hundreds expected at Mega Jewish Learning Conference


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Over 700 community activists age 18-45 years old from throughout the former Soviet Union are expected to join the first-ever Limmud FSU. The pluralistic, volunteer-based gathering of Jewish learning will take place just outside of Moscow on October 18-21, 2007.

Modeled after the program which began in the United Kingdom 26 years ago, Limmud FSU has dramatically energized the U.K. Jewish community and already been adopted in other Jewish communities around the world. The event offers a non-threatening, individualized educational opportunity that allows people to reconnect to their heritage through issues that interest them.

“We hope Limmud FSU—with its roots in volunteerism and grass-roots activism, will strengthen the very infrastructure of the FSU community-one of JDC’s main objectives,” said Steve Schwager, Executive Vice President of the JDC.

Organized by groups of local volunteers, with the exception of security, medical care, kosher catering and logistics, Limmud FSU will offer participants 250 sessions and at least nine choices of a range of Jewish topics, including: Jewish learning, history of the Jewish people, Zionism, the Holocaust, Jewish tradition, as well as Jewish and Israeli culture. Sessions will be led by peers, laymen from within the FSU community itself, lecturers and presentations from notable academics.

JDC was a major sponsor of this year’s event, providing logistical assistance and $150,000 in financial support.

“Sponsoring Limmud FSU fits well within our renewal initiatives abroad which provide opportunities for those who never had a chance to enjoy their heritage. We are proud to sponsor such an important event,“ said Schwager.

About JDC

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. JDC works in more than 70 countries and in Israel to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, create lasting connections to Jewish life, and provide immediate relief and long-term development support for victims of natural and man-made disasters.

For more information, please visit www.JDC.org.

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