Develop Tomorrow's Jewish Leaders

These JDC-trained counselors in Tallin, Estonia, lead programs at the Baltics Summer Camp and in their local Jewish communities.

From the historical centers of Jewish tradition in Northern Africa to the nascent wellsprings of Jewish renaissance in Europe and the former Soviet Union, Jewish communities around the globe need promising young leaders to grow into the vibrant cultural hubs of tomorrow.

JDC is empowering a new generation of grassroots Jewish visionaries and building community infrastructure wherever it was destroyed in the tragedy and tumult of the last century.

JDC tailors leadership development in every region to the unique needs of its communities, providing hands-on training in some and serving in a technical advisory capacity in others.

In remote and reemerging communities around the globe, JDC is enabling an enthusiastic new generation thirsty for Jewish knowledge and interconnectedness, with the know-how to ensure their communities’ future.