Empower Israel’s Future

Through innovative educational programs, JDC helps students from vulnerable populations improve their academic performance and attain the credentials needed to succeed in 21st-century Israel.

Today’s Israel is a dynamic, diverse nation of 7.6 million people. Over 70 nationalities are represented it its vibrant population, and two out of every three Israelis are newcomers, or the children or grandchildren of immigrants.

Israel has tremendous human potential but the gap between rich and poor—the second largest of the OECD countries—underscores the formidable challenges many of its citizens face in earning livelihoods and providing for their families. With 25% of all Israelis living in poverty, the country has the largest concentration of vulnerable Jews in the world.

JDC partners with the Government of Israel to research and develop innovative, scalable solutions to meet the needs of the country’s most disadvantaged citizens, including Israeli Arabs, vulnerable immigrants, children and youth at risk, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

JDC’s interventions empower Israelis at every stage of life:

By investing in the country’s most precious resource—its people—JDC helps Israel ensure that it can provide for its most vulnerable, foster greater equality of opportunity, leverage its human capital, and strengthen its future as a nation.