Tens of thousands of elderly Jews go to bed hungry every night, homebound in dilapidated apartments. And tens of thousands of Jewish families struggle to make ends meet and secure a future. We bring life-saving relief to desperate Jews living in places where nearly no other social services exist.

Tens of Thousands of children and elderly under the povery line
40% rise in the price of food in Ukraine
100% increase in the cost of medication in Ukraine


Caring for the Last Holocaust Survivors

Born in 1940, Larissa Geltman survived the Holocaust by fleeing with her family to a small town in the Ural Mountains soon after the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union.

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Hesed Social Welfare Centers

The Challenge:
Tens of thousands of vulnerable elderly languish alone throughout the former Soviet Union. Many, often homebound, require extensive medical care and material assistance to purchase food, utilities, and other necessities.

The Innovation:
JDC’s network of Hesed social welfare centers provide critical assistance to the most vulnerable, as well as connect seniors for important social interaction and activities.

Ariel Job Centers

The Challenge:
Throughout Europe, the global recession has transformed previously middle class individuals into the “new poor.” In countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and the nations of the Baltics, thousands struggle to provide for their families.

The Innovation:
JDC’s Ariel Job Centers combat economic crisis-related unemployment by offering professional skills and training to re-establish self-sufficiency.

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