Save the World’s Poorest Jews

Impoverished, at-risk children and families like this infant and his 24-year-old mom in Baku, Azerbaijan, get critical support from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews/JDC Partnership for Children in the FSU.

Whenever and wherever there are Jews in need, JDC is there, providing urgent care.

JDC’s clients are the poverty stricken, struggling to survive without a safety net:

These poor Jews turn to JDC for basic necessities—food, medicine, home care, and winter heat—and stabilizing assistance such as job training, school scholarships, and loans to keep roofs over their heads.

JDC brings life-saving relief to hundreds of thousands of desperate Jews living in places where no other social services exist. Breaking the cycle of poverty and connecting these individuals to a caring Jewish community is vital not only for them but for the future of Jewish life in their regions.