Where We Work

The life of this impoverished Ukrainian Jewish family has been enriched by services funded by the IFCJ-JDC Partnership, which also connects them to Jewish community life.

There is a single Jewish world: intertwined, interconnected.

— Ralph Goldman

JDC operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.

From the hinterlands of Siberia to the villages of the Negev to the frontier towns of Argentina, JDC reaches Jews in need with life-saving assistance wherever they may be.

JDC’s global network of on-the-ground professionals provides critical social-support services and helps build self-sustaining Jewish communities in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and throughout the former Soviet Union. In Israel, JDC helps ensure that all of Israel’s people can be part of the country’s society. When emergency strikes, JDC is there, bringing transferable programs to scale to address pressing human needs, rebuild infrastructure, and reinvigorate community life.

With nearly a century’s experience helping Jewish communities confront crises and battle extreme poverty, JDC’s disaster response and community development programs provide a lifeline for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.