JDC helps the small Jewish communities in North Africa upgrade and ensure quality Jewish programs for youngsters like these in Djerba, Tunisia.

From Casablanca to Tunis to Cairo, JDC is a lifeline for the small Jewish communities across Northern Africa that face some of the greatest challenges in supporting their needy.

Since the Second World War, when JDC assisted refugees fleeing Nazi Europe and discovered some of the poorest Jews on the planet living in isolated communities across the continent, JDC’s steadfast support has helped ensure that the region’s often widely dispersed Jewish populations are able to care for their most vulnerable and remain culturally vibrant and self-sustaining.

Map of Africa Ethiopia, satellite school, Dr. Rick Hodes administers deworming medication.

Today, JDC’s work in the region is primarily focused on:

Old Age Home in Casablanca. Musical party celebrating the holidays in the lounge. Morocco, by Chrystie Sherman
JDC continues to upgrade both physical and educational resources at Tunisia's Jewish school.

JDC’s work in Africa establishes bonds of identity and shared purpose among its various Jewish communities and internationally. World events have raised security concerns for isolated Jews in the region, making JDC’s presence all the more critical today and for the foreseeable future.