Map of Morocco By enhancing school curricula and providing up-to-date learning tools, JDC helps the Jewish community in Morocco maintain quality Jewish schools.

For the past decade Morocco has enjoyed unprecedented stability under the rule of King Mohammed VI, who remains popular with his people despite developments in the region.

The millennia-old Jewish community of Morocco traces itself back to the destruction of the Second Temple and the expulsion from Spain in 1492. Rich with history and Sephardic tradition, Jewish life in Morocco today is strong and dynamic, with some 3,000 Jews living in Casablanca and smaller communities sprinkled throughout the country’s periphery.

JDC began working in Morocco in the 1940s, assisting refugees from Nazi Europe who had escaped to Tangier. Throughout the country, JDC partners with and provides critical assistance to local Jewish institutions to help implement a range of relief, education, and community strengthening programs.

Today, in collaboration with the local Jewish community, JDC:

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JDC supports the delivery of Passover food packages to some 300 poor and low income Jews in Casablanca and the provinces of Morocco every year.