A Rosh Hashana “Seder” at the Evelyn Peters Jewish Community Center in Mumbai, India, where local and expat JDC staff have developed Jewish cultural and educational programs for all age groups.

India, the world’s fastest growing economy and most populous democracy, is a colorful mosaic of coexisting cultures and faiths. India’s Jews—who trace their roots as far as 2,000 years back—are among them, openly practicing in larger communities in Mumbai and Thane and much smaller ones in cities including Pune, Gujarat (Ahmedabad), Kerala (Cochin), Delhi, Kolkata and the Konkan Villages.

Because of India’s huge population and significant poverty, the country’s limited government-run social services are massively overloaded. The Jewish or Bene Israel community lack the welfare infrastructure to meet all of the needs of poor, elderly, and vulnerable Jews among them.

JDC, operational in India for over four decades, partners with various local organizations to ensure the development of critical care for Jews in need and a viable future for the community.

To address the myriad needs of the Indian Jewish community, JDC:

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