Young adults from across Europe have a chance to meet and explore their common Jewish heritage at a JDC Gesher regional gathering in Bulgaria.

In the wake of the wars and Communist rule that dominated Europe over the past century, JDC has worked to rebuild shattered lives and fractured Jewish communities throughout the continent.

Today, JDC has redefined its operations in the region to complement the current realities of new borders and accelerated change.

From Berlin to Bucharest, JDC provides critical assistance to meet the vital needs of Jews at risk, help foster self-sustaining communities, and pave the path for the next generation.

Map of Europe A Latvian Jew and her grandson pose for a picture outside their small home in Riga, Latvia.

JDC’s work in Central and Eastern Europe focuses on:

An elderly Romanian Jew in a red dress stands with her caregiver in front of a red curtained window.
A young Estonian Jew smiles in front of a  poster of the alef bet in a Jewish kindergarten opened by JDC.

For years, JDC has provided communities in the region with professional expertise and cultivated leadership to ensure Jewish continuity. JDC’s aim in Europe is to continue to help communities move toward self-sustainability in all aspects of communal life, even in the face of current challenges.