Map of Germany The JDC-initiated Bambinim program in Germany combines early childhood activities with informal Jewish learning for children and parents, and is helping to bring together young families from different backgrounds.

The German Jewish community—one of Europe’s largest—is dominated today by immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In recent years, this émigré population has become increasingly integrated into German society; young people in particular are benefiting from the nation’s strong economy, enjoying success in the science, technology, and financial sectors. Young Jews have been seeking new spaces for Jewish participation and stimulating the “official” community to develop additional activities and more inclusive programs that welcome Jews of all backgrounds.

Working alongside local Jewish communities, today JDC in Germany is:

See how JDC’s creative activities are helping sow the seeds of Jewish life in Germany. 


JDC operates in partnership with nearly all of Berlin's Jewish institutions to foster Bambinim, which began as an early-childhood program but has developed into a popular and more inclusive initiative for both children and their families.