Map of Hungary A group of elderly Hungarian women sit in chairs, stretching their arms and legs, holding pink balls, being led in an exercise program in a large meeting hall at the Balint Jewish Community Center.

Despite a promising economic surge immediately after the collapse of the East-West divide in the early 1990s, today’s Hungary is troubled by persistent financial crisis and uncertainty.

Hungary is home to the fourth largest Jewish population in Europe—a community going through an inspiring renaissance following decades of religious repression under Communism preceded by the trials of the Second World War.

Yet, the current recession climate poses serious challenges to Hungary’s Jewish community, which is struggling to care for the elderly and children at risk falling through the seams of the country’s deficient safety net.

Today, in collaboration with the local community, JDC:

Find out how JDC gave single mom Hanna and her family crucial aid and a much-needed connection to their community.


The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation/JDC International Summer Camp at Szarvas, Hungary hosts more than 2,000 participants from 20-plus countries worldwide every year.