Map of Poland A middle aged man shows an elderly, orthodox Polish Jew wearing a kippa how to use a computer, while a young woman, and and an older woman also look on. The wall behind them is lined with shelves full of books, in the JCC of Łódź, Poland.

Poland lies at the heart of Europe and has become the epitome of a changing continent. After joining the EU in 2004 its economy flourished but the global financial crisis dealt a heavy blow to many. The disparities between basic costs and pension and salary levels in Poland mean hardships for the elderly, single-parent and young families, and people with disabilities, all of whom are feeling the impacts of recent years’ cuts in social welfare subsidies.

After re-entering Poland to provide relief services during the Cold War era, JDC continues today the work it began in 1981 with the local community to help ensure the well-being of impoverished elderly and other vulnerable Jews. At the same time, JDC is helping Polish Jews reconnect to Judaism and secure a vibrant future for what was once Europe’s largest Jewish community.

Today, in collaboration with the local Jewish community, JDC:

Find out how JDC empowered dedicated young volunteers to unite Polish Jews together for a record-breaking community learning fest.


JDC’s Operation Second Chance offers Polish Jews who did not have the option to mark their bar/bat mitzvah or have a Jewish wedding the opportunity to learn about and belatedly celebrate these key Jewish lifecycle events.