Map of Romania A female doctor takes the blood pressure of an elderly Romanian Jew.

Recent global economic events have only compounded the chronic and widespread poverty that has plagued Romania since the overthrow of the country’s longtime Communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, in December 1989. The obsolete infrastructure that remained greatly hampered Romania’s transition to a market economy and continues to present social and financial challenges.

Today, the relief programs JDC helped develop during the Communist era continue to sustain the most vulnerable members of this sizable Jewish population while also strengthening Jewish community life.

Today, in collaboration with the local Jewish community, JDC:

See how JDC’s leadership programs are equipping young leaders like Luciana with the know-how to spearhead the community’s largest events in years.


JDC’s Bereshit community university learning program, which started out as a small, grassroots initiative, has quickly become the largest and most popular Jewish education program in Romania—and it is still growing!