Map of Moldova In Moldova, as elsewhere in the FSU, food, medicines, and other Hesed social services help sustain lonely and isolated Jews.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. The recent global financial downturn exacerbated its reliance on international loans and highlighted its dependence on remittances from abroad and on energy supplies from Russia, with whom it has a very tense relationship. While the economy has made a modest recovery, it remains vulnerable to political uncertainty, higher fuel prices, and poor weather impacting agricultural production.

JDC has been working in Moldova for over 20 years, supporting the Jewish community in Kishinev, and its smaller offshoots in Beltsy, Tiraspol, and Rybnitsa. Close to 25% of Moldova’s Jews are elderly, while more than half of the Jewish population has been suffering significant economic hardship.

Today, in collaboration with the local Jewish community, JDC:


In 2008, JDC piloted the first Hevruta-Moldava conference; designed to unite the community through a program of Jewish learning, the series quickly became a popular annual event.