Map of Ukraine At-risk Jewish children and their families turn to the JDC-operated Beitenu Center for Jewish children and families in Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine for essential food, clothing, medical aid, and enriching after-school activities.

Ukraine is home to the third largest Jewish community in Europe—the fifth largest in the world. Like much of former Soviet Jewry, Ukraine’s Jews have survived the pogroms and the Holocaust, and outlasted Communist Jewish oppression. Today, though the country is struggling with economic turmoil and aging infrastructure, its Jewish community is growing, working tirelessly to assist its needy and to foster leadership among its most dedicated.

JDC reentered Ukraine to rebuild the shattered remnants of Jewish life following the fall of the Soviet Union. Faced with the acute suffering of Jews made vulnerable by the difficult political and economic transition, including the hyperinflation of the early 1990s, JDC began providing critical food, medicine, and other support that continues as its hallmark in the region.

Today, in collaboration with the local Jewish community, JDC:

Learn more about how JDC in Ukraine is relieving the suffering of impoverished Jewish families and helping at-risk children reconnect with their community.

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Nearly 50,000 of the poorest Jews in Ukraine depend on JDC’s debit food cards to purchase their basic monthly staples in local supermarkets.