Latin America and Caribbean

Programs that draw the generations together are a special feature of the multifunctional complex for the elderly that JDC helped the community establish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jewish communities in Latin America have weathered storms of political upheaval, social uncertainty, and economic collapse—always with JDC’s assistance and strategic support. From the diverse threads of Judaism throughout Argentina to the budding Jewish life being nurtured in Cuba, JDC has worked to foster stability, self-sufficiency, and reliable care for the needy in Jewish communities throughout the region.

Map of Latin America and Caribbean End of Shabbat at Patronato Synagogue. Mission to Cuba, January 8-12, 2009

Today, JDC’s work in Latin America is primarily focused on:

Buenos Aires, Argentina,  family at home.
Cordoba, Argentina, Macabi Noar, Israeli Independence Celebration.  by Richard Lord

Latin America’s ever-changing political, social, and economic realities mean JDC’s leadership and technical support in its Jewish communities remain indispensible to ensuring the future of Jewish life in the region.