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The International Youth Seminar with a Rock-and-Roll Twist that Came to Romania

When you think of famous stars who forever changed music like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, do you also think of the Babylonian Talmud? If not, after reading about the various Jewish activities that just happened at the “Rock, Reggae, …

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Celebrating Transformative Educational Seminars in Romania

They gathered together at the Great Synagogue of Bucharest, 350 Jews from 31 communities around Romania braving slush and rain to pay tribute to the 10th session of Bereshit, a JDC-sponsored weekend of Jewish learning and text study.

Though this …

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JDC, Jewish Community of Romania Hosts Countrywide Tu B’Shevat Celebrations

Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish Arbor Day occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat, is known for its various rituals like eating a new fruit on this day, conducting a special Seder, and eating from the seven …

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Romania’s Bereshit Event Turns 13

“Imagine getting to meet with 400 Jews who we don’t get to see every day in a reunion that is positive and energizing,” said Luciana Friedman, President of the Jewish community in Timisoara, Romania.
“It’s a real learning experience and …

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For Romanian Jews, a Roving Chanukah Caravan

It seems like the kind of magical myth more suited to a children’s story than modern Europe — a roving Chanukah caravan, traveling from town to town to light Chanukah candles, sing songs, and distribute delicious sufganiyot (jelly donuts).


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In Romania, a Grassroots Chanukah

Jewish leaders in Romania are hoping the community’s celebration of Chanukah this year — festivities that relied heavily on volunteer efforts and grassroots planning — paves the way for a more participatory slate of Jewish programming in Bucharest.

For the …

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Sukkot in Romania

Traditionally, Jewish community professionals in Bucharest were responsible for decorating a sukkah for the approximately 3,500 Jews in Romania’s capital city, which is about the size of metropolitan Philadelphia.

Four years ago, that changed, and “a more personal touch” was …

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Learning Fest Reinvigorates Romanian Jews

“240 people singing Jewish songs like Kol Ha’Olam Kulo—an iconic song of Jewish courage—sounds very different from only 50 people singing. This was the biggest common Shabbat we’ve ever had here!” says Luciana Friedmann, the 34-year-old recently elected President …

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Romania Celebrates Opening of 4th JCC

This past Sunday, October 10, the city of Timisoara opened the doors of a new Jewish Community Center (JCC)—the fourth in Romania following others in Bucharest, Oradea, and Iasi. More than 300 people attended the …

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In Romania, JDC Campers Provide Solace During Tragedy

In times of sadness or crisis, the saying that “all Jews are responsible for one another” always seems to ring true. The tragic crash of an IDF helicopter in Romania was met with a response from a nearby Jewish camp …

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