Itamar Albek

Chief Information Officer

Marjory Appel

Chief Marketing Officer

Guy Billauer

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Sarah Eisenman

Assistant Executive Vice President,
Executive Director, Entwine

Elizabeth Fine

Assistant Executive Vice President,
Board Relations and New York Development

Michal Frank

Regional Director, Former Soviet Union

Darrell Friedman

Senior Executive Consultant

Eliot Goldstein

Executive Director, Resource Development

Elliot Halperin

Executive Director, External Relations


Michael Hartal

Executive Director
Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute

Heather Morgan

Managing Director Global Marketing & Communications

Diego Ornique

Regional Director, Europe/Africa and Asia

Asher Ostrin

Senior Executive for International Affairs

David Schizer

Executive Vice President and CEO

Sigal Shelach

Director General, JDC Israel

Ophir Singal

Chief Financial Officer

Pablo Weinsteiner

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sergio Widder

Regional Director, Latin America

Amanda Winston

Executive Director, GRID