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The JDC Europe Community Initiative Fund encourages Jewish communities and communal organizations to pilot new initiatives or advance key programmatic expansions. In certain limited cases, the Fund may support existing programs in their current scope.

Through this Fund, JDC also hopes to strengthen relationships with communities that have had limited connections with JDC.


The mission of the JDC Europe Community Initiative Fund is to invigorate community life by encouraging new and grassroots programming that strengthen community life, as well as support key programmatic expansion and development.

Program Areas

To achieve its mission, the JDC Europe Community Initiative Fund invests in initiatives that bolster community development. Grants are especially geared towards the promotion of grassroots community initiatives, while placing a particular value on programs that promote inclusive, pluralist, and resilient Jewish communities.

Grants will focus on the following program areas:
  1. Volunteerism and engagement
  2. Providing Jewish content to community members
  3. Leadership development
  4. Community outreach
  5. Fostering greater community resilience
  6. Community planning

Grant applications and management

To apply for a grant from the JDC Europe Community Initiative Fund, please send the following documents to [email protected]:

  • Application form
  • Projected Budget form
  • List of directors and board members
  • Organization’s goals as per its by-laws
  • Organization’s registration certificate

The application form must include the following information:

  • Goals of the program
  • Need for program & relevance of program in the community
  • Description of target population & number of participants to be reached
  • Budget, partners, and specific designations of the requested funds
  • Expected outcomes
  • Program evaluation and/or plans for collecting feedback

Grants of $5,000 to $20,000 per program can be requested per year. Repeat funding will be considered for up to two years.

Funding will be provided to existing and registered organizations. Informal associations will need to apply via an established organization.

Applicants will need to commit to including JDC’s logo on program publicity as appropriate. Logo can be downloaded here.

Grant applications will be evaluated and decisions will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the Fund’s total reserve has been allocated, no additional funds will be available for the remainder of the year.

In addition to offering grants, JDC will also recommend any other available resources it can provide, including consultations, guidance, contacts, expertise, etc.

Grant Decisions

Applications will be evaluated as they are received, and decisions will be announced within 3 months of receiving the application.

Decisions will be based on a thorough review of the application and an assessment of the proposed program’s alignment with the Fund’s goals.

Grant recipients will be announced on the website.


Grant recipients will be responsible for providing a report of program activities and impact upon completion of the grant. Forms can be downloaded here: Reporting Form and final Budget form.

For questions regarding the application process, please contact Debbie Shohat at: [email protected]


2023 Grantees

  • Helsinki Jewish Youth Association, Limmud , Finland
  • Akadem, Akadem.org Project, France
  • Leeds Jewish Representative Council, Leeds Jewish Future Project, UK
  • The Jewish Community of Bergen, Planning Community: The Long Road Home, Norway

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