Jewish Teen Conference in Ukraine

November 15-19, 2017
Kharkov, Ukraine

Active Jewish Teens (AJT), a JDC program in partnership with BBYO, serves as a vibrant, inclusive peer framework for engaging teens and young adults from 12-17 in Jewish community life 

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We invite you to join JDC at the upcoming Active Jewish Teen (AJT) Conference to take part in one of the most compelling and unknown stories unfolding in the Jewish World today. You will see first-hand the emergence of a vibrant, thriving, grassroots Jewish Teen movement, which has quickly attracted over 3,000 teens from over 55 cities across Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Kazakhstan. As part of the experience, you will also:

• Meet and interact with over 350 Jewish teens from places as diverse as Siberia to Tbilisi to Minsk.
• Celebrate a festive and lively Shabbat with AJT Teens
• Share your own Jewish Journey with AJT Teens – Inspiring them by your presence at the conference.
• Participate in an interactive panel discussion with AJT teens and members of the North American BBYO teen delegation
• Lead a “Shark-Tank” session that encourages young people to create and share their best ideas
• Visit a vulnerable elderly client in their home who is receiving critical support from JDC
• Learn about the rich and historic Jewish life in Kharkov, Ukraine’s 2nd largest city and home to 35,000 Jews.
• Receive high level “insider” briefings on the Ukraine Crisis and JDC’s response

Laearn about the beginnings of the AJT conference and coverage of the 2016 conference on the JDC Field Blog.

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