Meet Jews who are reclaiming and strengthening their Jewish identity and traditions while overcoming economic hardship.

Hear from a new generation of Jewish community leaders about the struggles and innovations in Southeastern Europe today. Explore the changing scene in Sofia, Athens and Thessalonika and engage in Jewish activities with local community members.

Bulgaria’s Jewish community was largely spared during World War II. The community in Thessalonika was devastated, on the other hand, and the Jews in Athens have suffered under the recent weight of economic upheaval in Greece. Jews in both countries, though small in numbers, are proud of their heritage, and eager to rebuild life today. Economic pressures in the region are intense, and JDC is offering life saving support.

Participation requires a meaningful gift of at least $5,000 per traveler to help JDC’s rescue, relief, and renewal programs around the world.

Deposits can be make here.

* All trips are subject to change.

**Priority for JDC Ambassadors trips are given to members of our Ambassadors Circle and Society.

For more details on this travel opportunity or for registration information, email or call 212-885-0878.