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Join this life changing journey into the lives, homes and villages of some of the world’s fascinating Jewish communities. Visit historic Jewish communities and enjoy all the iconic sites with thoughtful commentary to guide your experience.

Walk the cobbled streets of the magnificent World Heritage listed Old City of Tallin, Estonia and spend a Shabbat with a community that is thriving despite the odds. Tour the magical Palaces of St. Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum and meet a Jewish population whose rich and vibrant culture life is being reconciled with a darker past. Visit Moscow’s Red Square, the Kremlin and all the iconic sites and enjoy an evening at the Bolshoi ballet.

Come face to face with a new generation of Jews in the region – and meet the leaders who are shaping this exciting new chapter in Jewish history.

Dates: October 10- 21, 2018
Cities: St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia and Tallinn, Estonia

Single Occupancy: $6,800
Double Occupancy per person: $5,700

Cost Includes: ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals unless otherwise noted,  site visits, guides, and processing fees, and transportation between cities in Russia and Estonia.   They do not include transatlantic flight.  Tips and gratuities are not included.

Participation requires a meaningful gift (minimum $5,000 USD per person) to help support JDC’s rescue, relief, and renewal programs around the world. JDC Board members and 2018 Ambassadors are exempt. Please contact us for more information.

Read this press release on JDC’s century old tradition of delivering matzah to needy Jews across the former Soviet Union

About JDC in the former Soviet Union: For nearly three decades, JDC has been operating in the former Soviet Union (FSU) to provide support to the most impoverished Jews in the region, and to help nurture the reviving local Jewish communities. JDC-FSU endeavors to meet the profound needs of the most vulnerable Jews and the Jewish communities in the region, by providing comprehensive care services and Jewish community activities throughout the FSU.

Across the FSU, JDC-facilitated networks of volunteers help to care for elderly and provide other services in their communities. As a new generation connects to Jewish life through programs like the JDC-BBYO youth movement partnership Active Jewish Teens, they are learning that “giving back” is an essential aspect of what it means to be part of a caring global Jewish community and gaining the skills needed to shape Jewish life in their communities.


*Trips subject to change