Witness the unlikely reemergence of Jewish life in Poland. Add on a couple of compelling days in Vilnius, Lithuania.

JDC offers a unique trip to explore haunting questions from the past, and to learn about incredible changes in recent decades. Visit the beautiful city of Krakow, located near the greatest site of Jewish tragedy. Go to the 7@Nite Synagogue Festival, where all of the historic synagogues are opened for thousands of interested people from the city – with special attractions and learning in each. And visit to the capital city of Warsaw, where Jewish life is reemerging just steps away from the historic Ghetto. Get an insider tour of the Jewish Museum, one of the largest projects in the region to remember not only Jewish tragedies but also contributions over centuries to Polish culture and life.

Poland is a living testament to the amazing resilience of our Jewish community in the face of the 20th century’s most deadly anti-Semitism.

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Participation requires a meaningful gift of at least $5,000/person to help JDC’s rescue, relief, and renewal programs around the world .

*All trips are subject to change.

**Priority for JDC Ambassadors trips are given to members of our Ambassadors Circle and Society.

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