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Honoring a Woman of Valor in Buenos Aires

On the heels of International Women’s day we tip our hats to Marisa in Argentina for being a woman of remarkable strength and loving-kindness.

Marisa is 50 years old. Three years, six months, and seven days ago, she lost her son Ariel in a terrible car accident. Marisa tells us that her pain was indescribable; she thought her life and her family would never be the same.

Mourning her son’s death brought back memories of his life. After some time Marisa began to recall how Ari used to constantly marvel that she was always happy and in a good mood. After everything she’d been through, she wanted to feel like herself again.

About two years ago, Marisa approached JDC’s Baby Help center, which provides diapers, formula, medications, and baby equipment to some 600 Jewish babies and toddlers, up to age five, as well as pre-natal support to pregnant mothers. She said she wanted to volunteer; she had a lot of love to give and she wanted to share it with children.

Working at Baby Help, Marisa began to sing, laugh, and dance again. Miraculously, she found a way to transform her loss into a well of love and today she gives it away with a smile every time a new mother in need comes to the center for help.

Here’s to celebrating women of valor whose strength is bettering lives and communities around the globe.