Annual Recognition Levels

Those who give $10,000 to JDC, receive special invitations to Ambassador Events and Global Travel, and the opportunity to participate in or lead a JDC Giving Circle.

JDC Circle


Join the JDC Board on select international visits, receive first priority on all Ambassadors Trips and Inside JDC meetings and conference calls, which bring JDC’s work to life.

JDC Society


In addition to the above benefits, enjoy special expert briefings and exclusive access at JDC Board meetings.

JDC Council


In addition to above benefits, explore personalized travel and learning opportunities around the world.

JDC Patrons


Receive all of the above benefits and an invitation to our most exclusive annual event, which recognizes the extraordinary leadership and legacy of our most generous benefactors.

The above benefits are also available to those who include a gift to JDC in their will, trust, or other planned gift. In addition, JDC confers the title of Ambassadors on those who make a major unrestricted annual gift in support of humanitarian needs, allowing JDC to leverage funds, build unparalleled expertise, and respond to emergencies. Ambassadors represent the key values that inspire and drive JDC’s work, and are committed to JDC’s “smart giving” principles: the importance of combining grassroots innovation with accountability and the goal of creating scalable solutions and system-wide impact.

Lifetime Recognition Levels

Those who give $10,000 to JDC, receive special invitations to Ambassador Events and Global Travel, and the opportunity to participate in or lead a JDC Giving Circle.

JDC Felix M. Warburg Society

($250,000+ over 5 years)

Felix M. Warburg was the first President of JDC and an influential and respected banker and philanthropist. JDC offers public recognition to new Warburg Society members each year at a meeting of its Board, and bestows upon them a precious replica of the JDC Pesach Seder plate, which was distributed in the Displaced Persons Camps, where JDC cared for some 250,000 homeless Holocaust survivors after World War II.

"I consider myself a servant of the Jewish people and my duty is to help carry out those measures which are wanted by them."

– Felix M. Warburg

JDC Jacob H. Schiff Society

($1 million+)

In 1914, at the behest of Henry Morgenthau, Sr., then U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Jacob H. Schiff assembled key leaders of the American Jewish community to raise crucial funds to sustain Jews suffering in Ottoman-ruled Palestine and Europe following the outbreak of World War I. Schiff, a businessman and philanthropist, established a “joint”committee that ultimately grew into the JDC of today. Members of the Jacob H. Schiff Society are honored with an inscription on the Schiff Wall, located at JDC’s Jerusalem campus. Schiff Society members are also invited to participate in the Schiff Oral History Project, a unique opportunity to document their partnership with JDC through video.

JDC Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Society

($18 million+)

This premier donor group recognizes individuals and foundations that have achieved the highest level of philanthropic support for JDC, and who serve as an inspiration to all who care about global Jewish life today. Maurice Wohl was a successful developer with family roots in Eastern Europe. Along with his wife, Vivienne, he gave back to the Jewish community around the world and in Israel. Members of the Wohl Society are commemorated in the beautiful Wohl Garden at JDC’s Jerusalem campus.

Learn more about the abiding legacy of Maurice and Vivienne Wohl’s inspirational philanthropy.

Second Century Campaign

JDC’s Second Century Campaign aims to raise $200 million for JDC’s unrestricted endowment and thereby secure the organization’s ability to sustain its critical mission and core functions in the future. Gifts to the Second Century Campaign can be outright, deferred, or a combination of both. Outright gifts to the campaign can qualify supporters for JDC’s other Lifetime Recognition Societies. Prominent recognition for Second Century Campaign supporters will be displayed in JDC’s New York headquarters and Jerusalem office, as well as in other JDC materials. Additionally, supporters are presented with a personalized limited-edition replica of a handwritten siddur from the Former Soviet Union. For more information on the Second Century Campaign, please follow this link.

For more information about how to get involved or join a network, please be in touch us at