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Impact Tomorrow.

Your Monthly Support Will Secure the Future

Saving Jewish lives and building Jewish life are not short-term projects. More than one hundred years ago, people much like you — inspired by their responsibility and the opportunity to help Jews in need — made a commitment in founding JDC that changed the course of history. By becoming a monthly sustaining donor, YOU are ensuring the future of a strong, vibrant global Jewish community.

You Have the Power to Change the World

Poverty Relief

We bring food, medicine, warmth, and other supplies critical to survival to tens of thousands of the world’s poorest Jews in the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe, and around the world.

Jewish Life & Leadership

Through Jewish Community Centers, summer camps, family retreats, young leadership training and more, we’re investing in young leaders committed to shaping their communities’ futures.

Empowering Israelis

We develop innovative solutions to social challenges on a national scale, tapping into Israel's entrepreneurial spirit to give all Israelis the chance to succeed.

Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, JDC mobilizes, leveraging a century of expertise to provide immediate relief and work with communities to sustainably rebuild and recover.

Who is Helped?

The World's
Poorest Jews

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews and Jewish families live in unthinkable poverty. We bring life-saving relief to them in places where nearly no other social services exist.

The Next

In countries all across the globe, Jewish communities which had once been suppressed are reconnecting to their unique heritage. Through cultural celebrations, leadership training programs, and opportunities to network, we are strengthening Jewish leaders young and old so their communities can be more resilient against the challenges of tomorrow.

Israelis on
The Margins

Israelis on the margins seek the chance to participate fully in the nation they love. We make it possible by increasing independence, opportunities, and support for the most vulnerable people. Our investment in Israel’s human capital uniquely strengthens its future.


From Haiti to Nepal and from Ecuador to the Philippines, we're on the ground when disaster strikes, working with communities to not just rebuild but truly recover — crafting innovative, sustainable solutions to help ensure that the towns and cities hit hardest bounce back stronger than ever before.

Your Support Guarantees Our Continued Work Worldwide

In a world full of challenges, JDC sees the opportunity for transformative change. Whether it's providing life-saving medicine to a Holocaust survivor in Siberia, integrating vulnerable minority populations into Israel’s workforce, helping women learn new skills in earthquake-battered Nepal, or providing thousands of Jewish teens worldwide a creative, exciting introduction to Jewish culture at our flagship summer camp in Hungary, the work is critical today and with an eye toward building the future. With your monthly gift, you are saving Jewish lives and building Jewish life 24/7, around the world.

Your Monthly Donation


$14 a month can provide one child in the former Soviet Union the opportunity to attend our Active Jewish Teens youth movement or their local Jewish youth club for one year.


$21 a month can provide one month of material support to one impoverished elderly Jew in the former Soviet Union.


$52 a month can provide special needs assistance and medical care to children and families in the Baltics.


$57 a month can provide meals-on-wheels to one elderly person in India for one year.

The World Needs You.

Help Today.

Our sacred call is to help the world's neediest Jews wherever they are. We work in nearly 70 countries to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, create lasting connections to Jewish life, and provide immediate relief for victims of natural and man-made disasters. When you become a monthly supporter, you join our team, committing yourself to the vital task of securing the global Jewish future.