We’re catalyzing the next generation.

At this chaotic and critical moment in time, Jews around the world still choose to connect — or reconnect — to their cultural heritage. JDC makes it possible. We're fostering inspiring Jewish experiences for children, teens, and families, and investing in exciting young leaders from nearly every continent who are committed to shaping their communities’ futures.

Through Jewish Community Centers, summer camps, family retreats, young leadership training and more, we're harnessing the energy and passion of Jews worldwide. And as Jewish communities across the globe confront rising anti-Semitism, far-right political extremism, and heightened terror, we're ensuring they are resilient — ready to take on whatever challenges come their way.


JDC Entwine

Our one-of-a-kind movement for young Jewish leaders, influencers, and advocates offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on global Jewish needs and international humanitarian issues through engaging trips, moving volunteer experiences, and more.

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Our flagship international Jewish summer camp connects thousands of young Jews from dozens of countries each year.

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Young Leadership

Our year-long seminars produce a rising generation of Jews committed to transforming their home communities.

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Dozens of volunteer centers across the former Soviet Union encourage the next generation of Jewish leaders to give back.

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How It's Done


Since 1987, hundreds of JDC Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps fellows have impacted Jewish communities from Buenos Aires to Budapest.


More than 25 years of Szarvas camp alumni are engineering Jewish revival in communities across Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Leadership Training

Thousands of young Jews in North America, Europe, and beyond are engaged with JDC’s mission and global work.

Communal Spaces

Jewish Community Centers serve as central hubs of Jewish engagement, energizing young and old.

What You Can Do

We’re working to nurture the next generation of Jewish leaders. When they become actively engaged in their communities’ futures, there’s no telling what they can achieve.

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