We’re working for a stronger Israel.

Israelis on the margins seek the chance to participate fully in the nation they love. We make it possible, increasing independence, opportunities, and support for the most vulnerable people. Our investment in Israel’s human capital uniquely strengthens her future.

We partner with the Israeli government to develop innovative solutions to social challenges, tapping into Israel's famous entrepreneurial spirit to help close the achievement gap. Here's our model: We effectively pilot research-backed social experiments in key locations, testing and optimizing our initiatives, and then hand them over to the government, which scales them up to run nationwide.


Care for Seniors

We make sure Israel’s elderly know they’re not alone.

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Supporting the Next Generation

We work with families so every Israeli child has a chance to succeed.

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Combating Unemployment

We support chronically underemployed Israelis in their quest for a better future.

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Access for All

Israelis with disabilities deserve the same opportunities as their fellow citizens.

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How It's Done

Startup Nation

JDC’s new Social Impact Accelerator harnesses the can-do spirit of Israel’s best and brightest.

Government Support

Partnering with more than 20 Israeli government ministries, our programs touch hundreds of thousands of Israelis.


The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute researches social policy to address the country’s social service challenges.


Our Leadership and Governance Institute trains the next generation of passionate, impactful Israeli mayors and community advocates.

What You Can Do

All Israelis should have the chance to succeed, without worrying if the color of their skin, religious background, disability, age, or anything else will work against them. Your support means we can continue improving access and opportunities for people who deserve to know their country has their back.

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